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Season 4 : Episode 9 – One-Word Resolutions

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2011 is over, and the guys spend this special, shorter episode discussing resolutions – theirs and the Nation’s – for 2012.  Join them as they reveal their one-word commitments, and discuss their running and weight-loss goals as well.  Plus delusional Star Trek captains, hipster journals, and Home Alone what-ifs.  Oh my!

Look what ya did, ya little jerk!

Thanks for a great year, Gomernation!  And here’s to a healthy and happy (running) 2012!

Update your status in the Season 4 Challenges here!



  1. Laura 523
    Laura 523 January 3, 2012

    Happy New Year! My resolution is to live a runner’s lifestyle.

    For me, that means running and being mindful of nutrition and keeping my weight low. Kara Goucher is my inspiration.

  2. Laura 523
    Laura 523 January 4, 2012

    I like the mileage goal idea. I stumbled on that myself last year while training for a marathon. I figured I had run so many miles at that point that why not pick a dream destination and run towards it. I chose Disney World. The Magic Kingdom is 1,160 miles from my front door. I made it in October, and I bought a small plastic Cinderella’s castle to put with my running mementos.

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