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Season 4 : Episode 0 – The Two Challenges

The Gomers are back with a new name, a new logo, new theme music…and two new challenges as they preview Season 4.  Join them as they lay out the details of what they’ll be doing – and what they’re inviting the Gomernation to do – over the next several months or so.  Plus there’s Emmy’s chat, discussion on how and how quickly previously-pregnant people lose weight, and a touching reading of our worst iTunes review ever.  Which has become sort of a tradition for the Gomers as they launch a new season.

If only a one-star review felt this good. CHILDISH VIDEO GAME ALERT!

Just to be clear, the two challenges this season are:

1.  PR in a Thanksgiving 5k

2.  Lose 10 pounds by 2012

Commit to these challenges with the Gomers, lose weight, and run for your lives!  Enjoy the season, and Happy Running!



  1. Justin
    Justin September 27, 2011

    I’m in! The 10 by ’12 is perfect for me and my paternal baby weight. My wife and I are expecting about two weeks after G1. I for one, LOVE the baby chat. Looking forward to another great season!

  2. Laura
    Laura September 29, 2011

    I’m in, too. My Turkey Trot race is 11/13, so that will have to be my Thanksgiving 5k. And I’m going to need to work on the 10 x 12 in order to PR. But that means getting on the scale…looks around evasively…. I ran a marathon last Saturday and now I want to eat and avoid the scale for a week. Thank goodness there’s no official start date.


    ps – which one is Mario and which one is Luigi?

  3. Alisha
    Alisha September 30, 2011

    Hey guys, I thought you might look in your community to see if this organization or one like it is doing a charity run. Its called They are raising funds to help put the end to sex trafficking. Its a 5 and 10k here in my neighborhood, maybe you would like to organize a run for January with your church? I bet that the youth groups would get behind something like that.

  4. KK
    KK September 30, 2011

    My husband, my Mom and Dad are running a Turkey Trot in Johnson City, TN. I’m committed to helping my Dad achieve his PR after tons heart tests this summer clearing him to run. I am so thankful and happy to run with him!

  5. Brook
    Brook September 30, 2011

    Hi Guys! I’m in for both challenges, although my Turkey Trot might need to be in December. In the UK for Thanksgiving, and they don’t have celebrate it over there. 🙂

  6. Laura
    Laura October 4, 2011

    HEARTFELT (and Hearty) CONGRATULATIONS! She’s a beauty! 🙂


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