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Season 3 : Minisode 3 – A Couple of Nice Young Men

Ok, ok, so at over 45 minutes, this isn’t exactly a Minisode.  But the Gomers figured it would be ok, you know, since it’s Christmas and all.  Plus, they need that extra time for all the free advertising they’ve decided to do.

Full-body drying thingy, please!

Join the Gomers for their Weeks in Review, Songs to Run To, Gomers’ Favorite Things, and Listener Feedback…all festively adorned with sugar plums and bowls full of jelly.  Enjoy, and Happy Running!


  1. Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith December 15, 2010

    Another great podcast guys.

    Biker don’t pee in their pants (triathletes do). In races we go to the back of the group and have a teammate push us, while we “let it fly”

    Merry Christmas

  2. Bill
    Bill December 19, 2010

    Thanks for the minisode, guys. I really enjoyed it. I really think the Dyson Corp. is going to owe the Gomers for inventing the “BodyBlade,” their paperless, after-shower drying system.

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