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Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 8 – You Are Essential

This one is mostly just us telling you that you are important, you don’t have to hole up emotionally, and we are here for you. Plus some advice about the news cycle, social media, not holing up emotionally, paying attention to what you put into your body right now, and the best kinds of things to think about. Stay healthy out there Gomernation!

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  1. Brian Pettitt
    Brian Pettitt March 22, 2020

    I was just asking my wife and daughter:
    During these troubled times, will people lose weight or gain weight?

    My conclusion: if it is a short-term thing people will gain weight from the comfort eating and binge watching shows. Longer term, people will run low on comfort foods and get bored with binge watching shows…then perhaps exercise more just to go for a walk.

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