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Season 3 : Lil’ Season 3 Teaser!

Can you feel it?  It’s Season 3, right around the corner.  But the dudes couldn’t help recording a little teaser before the season starts tomorrow…you know, for the fans.  Along with seeing the new logo on your iPod for the first time.

Here’s what you can expect from this mini-sode:

1.  The official unveiling of the Season 3 title

2.  A reminder of our goals for the season

3.  Anthony playing movie-soundtrack-excerpts on the bassoon…by ear!

4.  Meredith Vieira’s and Al Roker’s NYC marathon times

5.  Mental images of  Steven pretending to be a Chilean miner

6.  The all-new, super-short jingle!

See you tomorrow with Season 3!  Happy running!

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  1. Matt W
    Matt W November 9, 2010

    Just my opinion, but I would recommend not changing feeds every season. Stay on a generic “Two Gomers” feed or even the existing “TGRAM” feed. I get that you like to start clean, but keeping that history of ratings and not making us listeners find it again is better for you. Changing feeds would be like The Biggest Loser going from NBC to FOX to TNT. But don’t worry, I’ll find you and listen regardless of what you do.

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