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Season 2 : Episode 37 – We dare you

Season 2 of the Two Gomers is in the books, and everything feels kind of back-to-the-basics.  Join Steven and Anthony one last time as they review their weeks, offer up some running tips, discuss songs they like to run to, and read questions from fans.  Oh, and they also go off on, like, a hundred different tangents.

Jeez, thats some serious cleavage.
Jeez, that’s some serious cleavage.

Make sure you stick around till the end for details on our 1st Annual “How’s It Goin'” 5k Gomer Group Run, and a challenge that will hopefully carry you through until Season 3.

Thanks, everyone, for an awesome season.  Stay in touch, and Happy Running!


  1. Meredith
    Meredith June 25, 2010

    Can’t wait for Season 3! Thanks for all of the hard work that you both put into this podcast.

  2. Bill
    Bill June 25, 2010

    My sentiments, exactly. Additionally, Steven’s story this week (don’t want to include a spoiler here) almost had me laughing out loud on the subway this morning. Hard luck, but great story. I was laughing with you, not at you.

    Can’t make it to Madison, unfortunately, but it sounds like a great time.

    Get rested up dudes!

  3. Charlie White
    Charlie White June 30, 2010

    I ran my second marathon at the Seattle Rock and Roll on June 26th! Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation!

  4. Darren VanLeuven
    Darren VanLeuven July 19, 2018

    Just finished seasons 1 and 2 for like the fifth time, loved it! So awesome. I had forgotten how much their first marathon was like mine, especially after the half marathoners split off. For some reason I kept thinking of a song to run to, Weird Al’s “Couch Potato”, just saying. Well, on to season 3.

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