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Season 2 : Episode 26 – Just the Way I’m Feeling

Spring isn’t the only thing sprung on this episode of the Two Gomers, especially when a very special guest shows up in the Runner’s Corner.  Also, Gomer1 sets a PR in a race while Gomer2 tries to figure out how he feels about that.  How sensi!  Plus, a new fast food challenge for April, our first near-Code Brown in a while, some good news concerning New Super Mario Wii, and a little expert Peep commentary.


And all the regular features:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Runner’s Corner, and two new Songs To Run To.  Happy Running!

This week’s Monday Survey: We’ve come to grips with the fact that we’re not the only podcast you listen to – so let us know, what other podcasts do you love, running or otherwise? Now that our runs are getting long again, we need ’em!

Bonus:  Go back in time and take a look atGomer2’s old-school blog. In this post, he flattens a peep to send it to readers as a prize for a contest based on his own blog.  Weird.


  1. Alisha
    Alisha April 7, 2010

    Hey, am I the first comment? cool. I listen to “Running to Disney” its not as fun as the two Gomers, but hey who is? Also, I like Leo La Porte, The Podington Bear Show (tunes), and TWIP (this week in photography.)

  2. j Lanzador
    j Lanzador April 10, 2010

    I listen to Jay and Jack’s TV podcasts…Lost, V, and Flashforward. I also enjoy NPR’s allsongsconsidered podcast…and finally The Nerdist podcast. You would both enjoy these recommendations…but of course…Two Gomers Run a Marathon is my favorite.

  3. krissie
    krissie April 17, 2010

    Not sure how I stumbled on you guys, but I listened to this episode yesterday and you crack me up! I ended up calling my husband twice to recount things you said. I love the “I came here to share the love of God and now I just want to poop in your dorm room.” We’ve all been there.

    And THEN you mention Jon Foreman? Seriously. You are my friends.

    We, too, are training for our first marathon – the Marshall Marathon in November. I’m definitely gonna download previous episodes for my long runs.

    Other podcasts I listen to (are honestly all over the place): sermons from Southland Christian Church (my church home), old Jillian Michaels shows (search KFI Sunday), This American Life, Radioloab, the Moth, Woodsongs Oldtime Radio Hour (which we also attend regularly) 2 Fit Chicks…all over the place.

    Keep it up, guys! I’m downloading as I type…

  4. Lyndsey
    Lyndsey April 17, 2010

    My sister just introduced me to your blog and suggested trying to avoid car accidents such as yours. Very nice blog!

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