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Season 2 : Episode 18 – Recover, Exclamation Point

It was a lighter week for the Gomers, and they have a lot to say about it – most of it good.  With the marathon coming up fast, it’s a nice thing to have a good week once in a while!  And since they had a little time to breathe, the guys used the time to actually LEARN a thing or two about running.  Wow!  Of course, their Gomer’s Tips could never be found in any book.  Unless that book is made up entirely of Band-Aid/Nipple tips.  Er, nipple HINTS.  Yeah, that’s better.

Multi-cultural chafing protection!
Multi-cultural chafing protection!

And now that the marathon is nigh, we’re getting back to the basics:  Gomer’s Tips, two new Songs to Run To, Listener Feedback, Week in Review, and the start of a new Runner’s Corner series.  Enjoy, and Happy Running!

This week’s Monday Survey:  What are your marathon (or any long race) regrets? What do you wish you’d done differently? We want to know, so we can make good choices as our marathon approaches!


  1. Virginia Jim
    Virginia Jim February 2, 2010

    I wanted to chime in on the band-aid topic. I use a product called liquid bandage. It’s like putting a layer of shellac on your nipples. Maybe I sweat too much, but Band-aids always fall off after a few miles and Vaseline wears off. It works great on cuts too, but it stings if a cut is too fresh. I also use this stuff on blisters too. it works great! it comes off in the shower too (usually 100% by the 2nd shower…).

  2. Jill
    Jill February 3, 2010

    I have nothing to add with respect to bandages, but was dismayed at the Gomer tip that suggested that everyone should take advantage of the experience/machines/assistance of a running specialty store to find the best shoe for them, then go buy it at a discount store. Obviously there’s no law requiring you to buy shoes if you use the running store’s resources, but I think it’s the moral equivalent of theft. Also, from a practical standpoint, if everyone does that, the running stores will be out of business and then no one will be able to use their resources and we’ll all be running in less than optimal shoes. If you know the shoe you want, go for the discount stores. If you need help finding it, be willing to pay for that help.

  3. CLK
    CLK February 3, 2010

    Not at all in favor of the gomer1 using the expert resources provided for free from your local running store only for you to go and spend your money with a national discount store that gave you nothing more than a cheaper shoe. Is this the same gomer that asks for a donation to help offset the costs of doing the podcast? Your local running store has costs associated with that advice it gave you and your wife. Not cool to go spend your money elsewhere.

  4. admin
    admin February 3, 2010

    This is the Gomers. You’re totally right, and we screwed up. Thanks for the comments, opening our eyes to things we didn’t think through well. We’re re-uploading the podcast without the tip, will issue an apology on Facebook, and record a special apology on next week’s episode.

    Again, we’re really sorry about this. We should have thought through it better. Hopefully the Gomernation has it in them to forgive us!

  5. Becky
    Becky February 3, 2010

    I appreciate your apology to the Gomernation. Oddly enough I had just visited my local running store last night to get a new pair of running shoes. I have a hard time finding comfy shoes for my picky feet but they are always willing to work with me. I have even returned shoes that became very uncomfortable after running in them a few times- no questions asked- they are that committed to getting the right shoe for you. I guess all I can say is…you get what you pay for. The extra cost equals awesome service and expert knowledge!

    As far as regrets…I’ve had good and bad races. The bad races, I often don’t look about me and enjoy the scenery or the experience. Enjoy the race and have fun and keep smiling!

  6. Bill
    Bill February 3, 2010

    Not to pile on, but most shoe salesmen/women work on commission, so while they’re spending all that time finding the perfect shoe, they could be helping a paying customer.

  7. GregInMontana
    GregInMontana February 3, 2010

    Come on, let’s cut the guys a little slack here! “Is this the same gomer that asks for a donation to help offset the costs of doing the podcast?” That’s kind of a low blow, don’t you think? The Gomers have probably spent 100s of hours giving us tons of inspiration and entertainment…for FREE. They made a mistake. They obviously feel bad. I think we can stop piling on now.

  8. kate
    kate February 3, 2010

    all right gomers! it’s a brave thing to admit a mistake and move on. happy running!

  9. Maggie
    Maggie February 4, 2010

    Nothing but love for the Gomers! I think there is still a good tip in there. After you’ve purchased a pair from the people that matched you with a good shoe, I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all to buy subsequent shoes from the discount places until you’re ready to try something new again. I am guessing that some listeners didn’t realize there were such huge discounts to be found. You guys have so much integrity that you even felt the need to tell the listeners about Gomer2’s adjusted official half-marathon time. All is forgiven!

    P.S. Do you know about rotating your shoes? If you have more than one pair, if you rotate them every-other-run, there are great benefits to your shoes and also to your body. It takes awhile for the shoes to recover their shock absorption properties after a run, so doing your next run with different shoes it can prevent injury and extends the life of your shoes.

  10. Jules (always your biggest fan)
    Jules (always your biggest fan) February 4, 2010

    hey, gomers – THANKS for the apology and for being willing to admit a mistake. you guys are human and i, for one, am VERY familiar with saying things i regret, but i know that there is ALWAYS forgiveness and a fresh start waiting for me. especially from people who know and care about me. i personally love you both so much, and can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done to inspire me. keep running and talking. i support you no matter what.

  11. Brandy
    Brandy February 4, 2010

    Greetings Gomers! Of all the runs I’ve missed, sessions I’ve really over done it, and too many/too few layers i’ve worn, the thing i regret the most is not trusting in my own knowledge of what works for my body. Thinking the sage wisdom of such elite runners as Paula Radcliff and many of the seasoned runners on other forums I’m on couldn’t be wrong, I had a bowl of porridge before a marathon even though in 4 prior races fueling/hunger/energy had never been a problem. I also drank more than I should have (again because others said i probably wasn’t drinking enough even though I wasn’t thirsty).

    Long story even longer – by mile 8 I was feeling rotten, mile 13 I was in pain, mile 15 I wanted to die, mile 18 I though i was going to die, and at mile 24 I tossed my porridge and a few gallons of gatorade, felt a million times better and sprinted to the finish, but i was already well over 5 hours, and as i found out later, nearly killed myself from the over-hydration.

    Since then, i’ve gone back to what i know works: coffee before, percy pigs/haribo en route, and just enough fluid to keep the brain fog away.

  12. Aaron
    Aaron February 4, 2010

    Biggest regret-not drinking enough water and eating enough on the course. In my marathon training runs, I never needed hydration until mile 6 or so, so I passed the first few water stations on the race. My body had a really hard time on the back half, because I wasn’t running just a training run this time around. After I passed 20 miles, I started drinking and eating everything I could find, which was not much at that point. Drink water at every opportunity.

    PS-on shoes, I pay extra at the running store for the customer service. Plus, you don’t know how/why DSW discounted their stock. Did they get the ones that were not good enough for running retail? The batch with irregular soles or poorly cured rubber, or just old ass shoes?

  13. Karen
    Karen February 12, 2010

    When you started this podcast, did you ever think you’d say the words “ten minute mile”?

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