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Block 43: Plantar Fasciitis

Sometimes one block leads to another leads to another…and before you know it, a year has gone by. Anthony opens up about how his last year has been impacted by nagging and persistent injuries, what that has meant for his running, and what that means now. It’s all the typical deep-digging that you’ve come to expect from the Gomers…plus, believe it or not, a ton of fun stuff along the way.

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  1. Jack Ebner
    Jack Ebner April 7, 2023

    I had about a year where it was nagging stuff like that. plantar fasciitis stinks. I’m dealing with long COVID, and was diagnosed with PTSD this summer.
    Had to see a shrink and get a drug; it’s a whole to do
    has knocked about 2 minutes off my mile space. and I as supposed to run Marine Corps marathon 10/29 as her last (shes almost 64, and smoked for decades. She ran NYC twice, and we both did Marine Corp in DC 2019. I did it in 2018 and 2019. My beautiful (a Presbyterian pastor) bride has been nothing but supportive, but she just started running and don’t think she gets how much it helps me. I usually do about 35-40 miles a week, but now I’m lucky to hit 10x and I just learned I have to have abdominal surgery this summer, and am dreading misting the race. You, and your respective families have been so helpful, personally. You make me think, laugh, etc. Thank you again for everything.
    — Jack Ebner

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