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Block 40: Running or Family? (with Erin Azar aka Mrs. Space Cadet)

It’s Bloktoberfest 2022 and we start with a bang: the “Amateur Running Internet Personalities with a Comedic Bent Who Actually Hope to Inspire Others to Run” crossover event of the century! We welcome Mrs. Space Cadet herself, Erin Azar, to the podcast and talk the proper length of running shorts, Today Show appearances, the best pose to model running clothes, and that one time Urkel guested on Full House. Oh, and her block: when to run and when to spend time with people you love? Happy Listening, and Happy Bloktoberfest!

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  1. Darren VanLeuven
    Darren VanLeuven October 15, 2022

    Amazing episode! It helped me think about why I run. I find you guys so inspirational, even when you don’t do big running challenges. I also follow Erin, for much the same reasons. I am probably past the age and stage for PRs, and that is alright. I think there is a niche for normal everyday runners.

  2. Josh Bates
    Josh Bates October 19, 2022

    GOOD stuff! I started following her right after. The perfect “Gomer” archetype!!

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