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Season 2 : Episode 16 – Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Cold Pizza

It’s the one-year anniversary of the Gomers’ Half Marathon, and they celebrate by – how else? – running 13 miles without stopping. It was the longest run in a year for both of them, and you’ll have to tune in to hear how it went.  SPOILER ALERT:  It went surprisingly well.

Also, don’t miss the return of Gomers’ Tips of the Week, with cold-weather musings, leftovers advice, and a little celebrity impression that ends up taking on a sick life of its own.

She loves it!
She loves it!

Plus all the regular features:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, the Monday Survey, and two new Songs to Run To.  Happy Running!

This Week’s Survey:  What are your cold-weather running tips?  AND/OR  How do you kick up your leftovers?  Both good questions, huh?

And here’s the link for the Haiti orphanage Anthony was talking about:  thejourneycommunity.  Go and donate to help a great cause!


  1. Laura
    Laura January 21, 2010

    The Gomers are back!! I didn’t want to say anything before, guys, but the last few episodes I wasn’t sure if Two Gomers Run… podcast was going to ever be what it was last year. But I’m happy to say today that the Two Gomers are BACK! This episode was great, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the magic seems to be back in full swing now that you are past your Fhalf Marathon run week, and into new territory. Loved the episode, laughed my butt off at many parts, loved Gomers Tips being back, loved it all. I’m super stoked that you’re working on runs that are longer than ever before, and you can actually envision yourselves being able to do the full marathon (even if at this point it’s only if a gun was to your head). Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Edie May
    Edie May February 1, 2010

    Just got around to listening to #16, so sorry if you have already gotten an answer to the camelbak question. What probably happened is that the water in the tube froze first, because it is more exposed than what is in the bladder. After you take a drink, blow INTO the hose to force that water back in the bag. This clears up your tube and keeps it from freezing. They also sell a bladder insulator that keeps the bladder from freezing. My husband uses that when he is skiing. Good luck!

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