Season 3 : Episode 1 – Speed Changes Everything

The Gomers are back for their Third Season, TGRAM: The Sub Five Strive, and they’re trying to get used to the changes.  More training runs, more commitment, more effort, more discomfort – it’s a wonder they have time to record podcasts!  But they do, fair Nation, and it’s all for you.

You’ll notice an unusual amount of running talk, but it’s probably just because of all the changes.  Don’t worry, there’s still the tangents one expects from the Gomers, including fall movie chat, Halloween candy reminiscences, celebrity impressions, and fortune cookie readings.

The Gomers’ key to riches and glory?

Plus all the regular sections:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Gomer’s Tips, Songs to Run to, and an all-new section: True or Faux?  Hope you enjoy it, and Happy Running!

This week’s Monday Survey:  Do you consider yourself a novice runner or a veteran?  Why?

5 thoughts on “Season 3 : Episode 1 – Speed Changes Everything”

  1. Guys – congrats on starting Season 3. A bit disappointing that you gave up on the Theme Song approach. Sorry to be a bit critical, but the thing you are now using is far inferior to the 26-2 Theme Song you had for Season 2. Anyway, great to have new episodes coming down the pipe. I am looking forward to the whole speed challenge.

  2. hey guys, so fartlek is a swedish words which mean speed games. basically how you do them is to speed up for a certain length, then you slow down. then repeat. basically varying the intensity of your run.

  3. I also am very disappointed about the loss of the theme song. I loved it!! But otherwise Episode 1 was awesome and I am so glad you guys are back!! Thanks for all your work!

  4. Glad you are back! Now I can start my half marathon training for speed with you guys. Keep up the running (or at least the podcast). I use your podcast for motivation. I cannot listen to two gomers unless I am running or cross training. It really works to get out the door.

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