Season 2 : Episode 1 – All Things New

It’s the first official episode of Season 2…and the Gomers are scared.  Join them as they  discuss the challenges of starting a new training regimen, learn how to eat and run, and reacquaint themselves with the art of podcasting.

And so much more:  Listener Feedback, Week in Review, the new jingle, new section “Eat and Run,” and the Monday Survey.

This Week’s Monday Survey:  How do we eat while we’re training?  What is your favorite thing to eat while training for a run?  Anything we should avoid?

Pre-run snack.
Pre-run snack.

Happy Running!

14 thoughts on “Season 2 : Episode 1 – All Things New”

  1. Avoid dairy a couple of hours before you run unless you want to have some interesting lookin’ puke 🙂 Here is my secret “carb-loading” food combination for long distances:

    3 hours before run: Very low GI carb (kidney beans, chickpeas, etc)
    1 hour before run: Medium GI carb (oatmeal, granola bar, etc)
    20 minutes before run: High GI carb (anything super sweet- pb&jelly is my favorite)

    This combo gives me sustained energy for a long distance run and allows me to crank out 6-7 miles without going crazy. If I don’t have enough carbs before my run I can immediately tell that I’m “running on empty” and it feels like I’m hitting a brick wall every time I take a step.

  2. Great kick off episode guys!
    Regarding food – I know nothing, except you got ta have some – maybe High5 Fuel Source 4:1 should be on your list – it does both hydration and fuel – I’ve been using it for ages and have avoided death during running several times.

    The most important food you eat is after you come back from your run. I know recovery is becoming trendy – even the economy appears to be recovering! – it’s what will get you to tomorrows run. When I get back in after a run I eat a bucket load of high carb cereal with zero fat milk.

    Any way – good luck guys – I’ll be listening to your screams of pain in a VERY caring and sympathetic way 🙂


  3. Thanks for inspiring me, guys! I am not a runner at all, but after finding yours and one other really sweet podcast 2 weeks ago, I have been living my life totally differently. Last night I went biking (4 miles on West Virginia hilly roads), listening to your Songs to Run To. Other than all the running around post-apocalyptic D.C. on Fallout 3 all summer, this is the most physical activity I’ve had in years. I love listening to you guys, keep it up… I know you can do it!

  4. Definitely avoid dairy like Steve said. I keep it light before a run. Peanut butter on banana is my favorite. Save the milk/dairy for aftewards.

    For overall eating and weightloss, when training for a half marathon (which I’ve done twice now) I find I hit that unfortunate balance of not running enough to lose weight but running enough to be really hungry so I end up gaining a few pounds.

    I like Lose It on my iPhone for calorie counting but I hate wearing a HRM when I run so I estimate my calorie burn.

    It was so great to hear the podcast this week, thanks for all you do!

  5. Hello Again guys,

    It’s Red Shaya, the guy that started listening to your podcast on the day you run your half marathon.
    It’s been about seven months now and I’m glad to say you’ve inspired me to get myself off my chair and keyboard and start running. I plan on doing my first 10K in three months. I’m over 40 so I take things slowly to avoid injury. I live in Israel (if you ever wondered how far your podcast is traveling around the world).

    Happy running,


  6. Before I run, I always eat half of a Clif Bar and save the other half for after my run. They come in all kinds of flavors, and prety dense, and give you some energy. Then a little while after the last half of the Clif bar (maybe an hour), I eat a carb-y meal…maybe some cereal, plain yogurt and fruit, or a PBJ sandwich.

    Good Luck..can’t wait for the next episode

  7. Great first episode!!! I try to stay away from Dairy and beef while I am training. I also found that my code brown cocktail always seems to involve fast food the night before, so I try to stay away from that too. I try to eat as many fruits and vegetables, and drink water by the gallons.

  8. Welcome back, Gomers! My wife and I Love your podcasts. (She e-mailed you last week and was excited to hear you talk about her ‘on air’!!!)
    I run a lot but I’ve never really changed my diet much because of training. Just remember that, while you’re training, food is your fuel. So don’t cut back too much. You’ll burn calories while you’re running AND your metabolism will be increasing as you go. So you’ll be burning more and more calories just sitting around during the day.
    If I was to offer any advice on food, it would be this:
    -Take in more carbs and protein.
    -Don’t eat too much before you run. (The timing of your food might have been more to blame for your near Code-Browns than the specific food itself.) Ironically, a Snickers Marathon bar is a great pre-run snack.
    -The all-time best, most refreshing thing after a run is Dole Strawberry-Banana-Orange Juice! It’s awesome straight from the carton!!!
    Happy Running!

  9. MMmmm…. Food…. it’s why i took up running. I simply refuse to eat less. Things I’ve learned about food. Where to begin?

    – porridge / aka oatmeal may be the breakfast of champions and marathon elitists like Paula Radcliff, but it’s certainly not for everyone and looks pretty much the same coming up at mile 24 as it did going down 4 1/2 hours earlier.

    – nothing beats crunchy all natural peanut butter on a toasted whole-grain seeded bagel.

    – oranges wedges during long runs on hot days are like mini orgasms in your mouth.

    on a more serious note – runners mantra is carbs, carbs, carbs but most people take it to an extreme and forget all the muscle damage and bone wear that pounding out 30+ miles a week will do to the body. Try and get your carbs from whole grains, beans. There was an article recently (i’ll look through my mag collection) that gave the carb content of common ‘runners’ foods like pasta and bagels vs various fruit and veg and often the veg was actually higher in carbs and you get the added benefit of fewer calories and loads more vitamins and minerals.

    Milk does do a body good and yogurt is another great source of calcium – and you get the added benefit of a heathy gut (and thus immune system) when training through the winter months. Fatty fish like salmon not only are great sources of protein, but the oils / fats will help to keep your joints in good shape.

    Most importantly – water – more water than you think you need. Well hydrated muscles perform better, fatigue later, and recover faster.

  10. Hey, I just found your podcast on iTunes this weekend. I’ve been running for about a year and a half (was mainly a cyclist before). I did a half-marathon in April and am shooting for my first marathon this December.

    Your term “Code Brown” cracked me up. Been there, done that. I usually run first thing in the morning after clearing the bowels and before eating. But even with that, I have ducked into some woods and/or behind bushes on a few occasions, so far not in someone’s yard though.

    Good luck and thanks for your time putting the podcast together.

  11. chocolate milk (i like ovaltine) is a great recovery drink. and, i would suggest during your longer runs to get some pb&j or pb&honey uncrustables and take one along to keep you going if you need some energy. also those little honey sticks (i think the cracker barrell has them) are good alternatives to the gu and other energy gels.

  12. Hey, I just discovered your blog. Guys, you’re great. I love this. I’m running my second marathon in May ’10, and find this really cool. I don’t have a lot folks around me who run or, for that matter, run a marathon.
    P.S. Don’t know if you’ve discovered Ben Harper and Relentless 7 … check out “Fly One Time”

  13. Working my way up to current status. I will try and comment after I listen to each on then to comment. Sweet! Sitting in my office space and did a huge gut laugh during your “code brown” section. Also, a big thing for me and food is working with snacking at night, started eating popcorn, saw it at and it is a light snack instead of a heavier one that I am sad about later.

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