Season 2 : Two Gomers Special 1 – Two Gomers Get Thankful

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Here it is, the first Two Gomers Special: Two Gomers Get Thankful!  Join the guys as they take a look at their Gomer journey so far and pick the top three things they’re thankful for.  Plus, so much more – insane fundraising stories, dramatic readings from the feared and fabled Third Gomer, and demonstrations on how to win every time at Track and Field for the original Nintendo.

Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap....
Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap….

So grab the special while the grabbin’s good.  Just click the first button to donate (suggested donation: $2.99) to the Two Gomers, and the second to download the Thanksgiving Special (right click on the DOWNLOAD button and select “Save target as…” or “Download Linked File”)!   Thanks in advance for donating, we couldn’t do this without you!  Have a great Black Friday, and see you next week in the Christmas episodes…Happy Running!

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13 thoughts on “Season 2 : Two Gomers Special 1 – Two Gomers Get Thankful”

  1. Just donated and downloaded! I love your podcasts, and I’m running my first half marathon in Phoenix this January. It was really helpful to hear your experiences at that race, and I look forward to hearing your marathon experiences. Best of luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The T-Shirt money you guys spent on the new mic was a definite improvement! I didn’t realize how much better it was until I heard your future selves in your Rewind. Loved the Thankful podcast – I did donate for it b/c you guys have inspired me to run my first half at the Illinois Marathon in May. I love hearing you two talk about all of the same things that I think about as I train. And – since your favorite season is now upon us, I would like to recommend any of the phenomenal Christmas music by an a cappella group called “Straight No Chaser”. Happy Holidays and Happy Running 🙂

  3. Of course, this special episode is as great as all the rest. But, I have to say, the turkey gomers are the clincher. Best logo ever!

  4. You guys make me laugh so hard! The fact that you talk about one of my favorite things (running) makes your podcast awesome, although I suspect I would listen even if you didn’t talk about running-totally worth $3.00!

  5. I donated but haven’t listened to the thanksgiving podcast yet because I wanted to go back and listen to season 1. I just got caught up and thoroughly enjoyed every episode. I feel almost like you are both my friends and I’m pulling for you all the way! This world needs role models like you who are willing to go out on a limb and do something healthy to improve the quality of their lives. Way to go!!!! You ARE and inspiration!!

  6. Hey Cindi – this is Sandi! Sorry for the late response, I’ve just spent an exhausting week serving on a jury and am just now getting caught up with my own life. It would be a blast to meet another Gomer Fan – if not on race day (due to the craziness), maybe at the packet pick up?

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