Season 5 : Episode 7 – The Winter Run Shower Effect

After a week of sickness and travel, the Gomers are back at it again just in time for Thanksgiving.  Join them as they talk Songs To Run To, Turkey Trots, secret vacations, roadside terror, predicting elections, new Wii systems, and this one thing that happens to Steven when it’s cold that he’s wondering whether it happens to anyone else.


Monday Survey – What are you Thankful about the running season?  Bonus question:  Have you experienced the Winter Run Shower Effect?  Bonus bonus question:  Should Steven keep doing impressions, or are they obnoxious and you hate them?  Happy Running, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Season 5 : Episode 6 – Sandy and Star Wars

In an episode that gets both serious and silly, the Gomers discuss all things pressing that are, by now (several days after recording!), completely out of date.  Join them as they talk about their weeks in review, but also the cancelation of the NYC marathon, the upcoming (er, just-completed) election, and, more importantly, the pros and cons of last week’s pop-culture-exploding acquisition.

Monday Survey:  Once again, what are YOUR Songs To Run To?  Have a great week, and Happy Running!


Season 5 : Episode 5 – Good Run, Bad Run, Scary Run

It’s a shorter episode this week, but it’s still crammed with Gomer goodness.  Listen in as the guys discuss how to deal with bad runs, how much Halloween scares them, and what to lube when.  Also, they are out of love with the iPad mini.  And there’s this really interesting bit where some absolutely HUGE news is broken, and the guys don’t even realize it.

Obi-Wunder New Management.

This week’s survey:  Let us know your Songs to Run To!  Happy Running!