Season 4.5 : Episode 4 – Plantar Fasciitis, Avengers, and Gomer Group Run

(or: Gomer 1 had no idea who the Hulk was)


It’s a good one, folks:  Injuries! Cooking Shows!  Daytime Anchor feuds!  First Father’s Days!  Somewhat spoiler-free blockbuster reviews!  Final Gomer Run Preparations!  And the Gomer Movie Ratings System explained.  That should last you for another long run, huh?

Take a tip from the Gomers: Run.

Hope you like it!  Oh, and don’t forget about the upcoming Gomer Group Run on June 30 in Madison, WI.  For more details and to let the Gomers know you’re coming, click here.  Happy Running!

Season 4.5 : Episode 3 – The Bumper Sticker Debate

What, two episodes in two weeks?  That’s what happens when the guys haven’t recorded for a while – they have a hard time stopping!  In this episode, they bring back a couple long-dormant segments:  Songs to Run to and Eat and Run.  They also make an interesting discovery while digging deep into some Listener Feedback, share some college memories, and discuss which is worse – a room full of bassoons or a room full of trumpets.  Oh, and then there’s the 26.2 Bumper Sticker Debate of 2012.

To stick or not to stick?

Join us next week for our mini-special, Summer TV and Movie Chat.  And don’t forget the upcoming Gomer Group Run in Madison, click here for more info!

Happy Running!

Season 4.5 : Episode 2 – When Steven Met Ryan

Well, it’s been a while, huh?  The Gomers are back with the first half of their two-episode May and June update.  Join them as they talk injuries, year-goals, Disney World walking troubles, life-changes, bad reviews, and 80s Movie Twitter Feeds.  And oh yeah, Steven’s bumbling encounter with THE Ryan Hall a couple weeks ago.

Also, make sure you Save the Date for the 3rd Annual Gomer Group run, June 30 in Madison!  Hope to see you there, Happy Running!