Season 3: Gomersode 1 – Gomer Dissertations Old and New

Merry Christmas Nation!
Here it is, the Gomer’s 4th of our “4 downloads in 5 days” for you, our faithful listeners.  In this we present to you a Gomer Rewind, remembering our dissertations on the correlation of A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and the similarities of the Home Alone Score to the Nutcracker.
It's a lie!
But WAIT, don’t just think this is old material!  We then pose a new question, how do two classic Christmas movie sequels compare to their originals: Home Alone and Die Hard?  How intriguing!  And finally our Monday Survey: What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
Happy Running!

Season 3 : Episode 4, Part 2 – Happy Festivus, GomerNation!

The definition of bittersweet:  the Gomer’s final official Christmas episode of the year.  Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty to get your red-and-white-striped juices going before they’re done, including a super-sized Gomer’s Favorite Things, lots of Christmas Songs to Run To (the good and the bad), and a shocking realization concerning the holiday of choice at Arizona public schools.

Thanks, George Costanza’s Dad!

Merry Christmas from the Gomers!

Oh, the Monday Survey:  What are your New Years’ resolutions?  We want to know, and to share them with the rest of the GomerNation!

Season 3 : Episode 4, Part 1 – Two Rough Weeks and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

It’s the final official Christmas episode, but of course the guys couldn’t fit it all in one download.  So please enjoy Part I, where the Gomers discuss their (not too great) weeks of running, the shelf-life of Home Alone, and whether or not they’ve kept their Chipotle-related commitments.

All we want for Christmas
All we want for Christmas…

In Part 1 you’ll hear the Christmas Intro, their Weeks in Review and a special True Gomer Confessions.  Hope you enjoy the five days of four downloads from the Gomers, continuing tomorrow!

Happy Running!