Season 2 : Two Gomers Special 2 – Two Gomers Get Resolute

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It’s the second Two Gomers Special: Two Gomers Get Resolute!  The guys are visited by three ghosts: Past, Present, and Future…well, not really, but they talk about those things in relation to their running journey.

Taller than he looks.
Taller than he looks.

Plus, we FINALLY discuss the controversial “Plodders” article from the New York Times…and Steven gets a little heated about it.  You don’t want to miss that.

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Oh, and don’t forget this week’s Monday Survey:  What are your New Years Resolutions?

Season 2 : Gomer Rewind 2 – Somewhere in our Memories

Here’s one more taste of Christmas before you put that tree away – the second Gomer Rewind!  This one is holiday-themed, as the Gomers take a look back at their favorite moments from last year’s Christmas episodes.  It’s everything you’d expect – bemoaning snow-runs, waxing nostalgic, and trying not to eat like complete idiots.  Plus a couple surprises – their most famous fan ever, and the most ridiculous Runner’s Corner ever recorded in the history of man. Oh, and a celebrity guest you will not want to miss!

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Don’t forget our second Two Gomers Special, arriving New Year’s Day!  Happy Running!

Season 2 : Two Gomers Do the Cinnamon Challenge

The Gomers have been talking about it for a year, and here it is, the very special Christmas download:  The Cinnamon Challenge!

Get ready to be amazed...
Get ready to be amazed…

Enjoy the ridiculousness, Merry Christmas, and Happy Running!