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2022 OneWord Special: Part I

Our annual New Year tradition is upon us! We each choose one word in January that we want to define our year, and challenge our listeners to do the same. Steven starts the our two-part year-opener by reviewing his word from last year, Create, and dealing with his feelings of failure in the midst of difficult situations. He also reveals his 2022 word, which, in his words, is very “non-evangelical.” Plus a lot of fun stuff along the way. Happy New Year, check in next week for Anthony’s turn!

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One Comment

  1. Linda
    Linda January 1, 2022

    Hi Gomers! I’ve listened to your podcast for years, and my favorite elements of your work are the 80s/90s chat, running tips, biblical wisdom, and one word episodes.

    A while back you talked about the book Atomic Habits, and I finally read it in December 2021. That book and my own ponderings have inspired my one word for 2022. My one word is GET.

    I realized that I need to change my attitude towards certain commitments and responsibilities in my day. I don’t want to dread and wish my life away by thinking of these tasks as stressful things I HAVE to endure, but instead I want reframe them as opportunities I GET to partake in and impacts I GET make on people around me.

    The additional definitions/connotations of the verb GET resonate with me as well. After reading Atomic Habits I’ve made changes to structures in my life to make it easier to GET stronger in certain characteristics of my identity that I’ve had the best intentions of working on, but haven’t followed through with in the past.

    Thanks for giving Gomer Nation your time and talents for so many years! Let’s GET it done in 2022!

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