Map of the Gomernation

The Gomernation knows no set boundaries – we are an international community of gomers: geeks, athletes, experts, beginners, and weirdos. Click “Add” on the map below and put a RED marker in your city, state, or country and let us know where you are!

Then, zoom out to take a look at the Gomernation (Gomer1 and Gomer2 are the blue markers)!

26 Responses to “Map of the Gomernation”

  1. oops i didn’t read it right and put in an irish green marker and can’t work out how to change it! guess i must be an o’gomer
    if you are able to delete it please do and i promise to replace it with the correct one next time :)

  2. Ok, ok, if you’re in Ireland the green is allowed…but that’s the only exception! :) – Gomer2

  3. Hey Gomers and all …Gomeranians? Gomericans? Hi from India. Love the podcast, which I’ve only just discovered, and have been listening to some of the older episodes. I’m going to attempt my first marathon on the 15th of November 2009. This will be my first marathon and, obviously, my first Ultra Marathon (50k).

    Keep up the entertainment, information and inspiration!

  4. Gomerplanet is so cool!

  5. Hey guys, heard about ur podcast from Chuckles at the How Stuff Works – Stuff You Should Know podcast – he gave you a great plug, and have just listened to Ep 7 – kick ass! love it. I am a very very amateur runner in Australia, and am slowly using running as a way of losing some weight, and having fun doing it. Keep up the great work :) Ads

  6. Hi Gomers! I learned of your podcast from iTunes this season and have enjoyed so much–I get a head-bobbin’ silly grin every time I hear your jingle (which you should add onto for a full length song). I’m training for a double marathon in January called The Goofy Challenge at Disney. On Saturday you run a half marathon (13.1mi) and the next day Sunday you run a full marathon (26.2mi). Mind over matter! (If you don’t mind, it don’t matter)Practicing the spiritual art of non-resistance :)

  7. Hey Tish! I’m running the WDW Marathon and would love to see a friendly face there. I’m even considering wearing a TGRAM shirt, if I can get one in a technical type shirt – anything but cotton!

  8. I just found you guys after listening to Josh and Chuck. I was/am a gomer who ran my first marathon (Pittsburgh) last May. I am currently training for the Las Vegas Marathon in December. Keep up the good work.

  9. I totally feel at home in this Gomer Nation!!! I have run many 5ks, sprint triathlons, and a couple half marathons, but my husband and I plan to do The Avenue of the Giants Marathon in May… Super excited and the Two Gomers serve as such awesome motivation!!! Glad to see there are many people out there who also support these awesome guys :)

  10. Tish and Jennifer, I’m running my first Half Marathon in Disney….see you Gomers there.

  11. Brandi – I totally want to run AotG! Are you a member of any forums? I’d love a race report. Avenue of the Giants is on my top 10 must-run races!

    Gomers – As Jen said, I would also love TGRAM tech shirts. I would buy 2 – long sleeve for rocking out the winter training runs and short sleeve for a bit of Gomer Publicity @ Prague in May. Totally love the podcast and happy to spread the word.

  12. The Gomernation just got some more Canadian content! I have listened to all your podcasts in the last week and I love them. Heard in your last podcast that you wanted more Canadian content so I had to sign up for the gomernation. Canada loves the Gomers!

  13. I am catching up on the podcasts as I run. only up to #5. I usually run in Puerto Rico but am in Chicago for a few weeks AND IT IS COLD! Have you run any tips for running in clod weather yet on the podcast? If not, I encourage you to do so SOON. I’m finding layers is best, with nonabsorbing materials (e.g.,nylon) next to the skin with absobent layers outside that to pull sweat away from the body. I’m sure there are better experts than me on the subject. OH and I LOVE the show; can’t wait to catch up to real time.

  14. I am a new listener as of this season, and I am so stoked to be the first Alaskan in the Gomernation! I’ve been running in frigid weather for years now, and finally some recognition!

  15. Hey! I’m a little bummed out (well not really). I’m glad that Grimpa’s Steakhouse is sponsoring you, but their ad blocks my island of Puerto Rico. I’m proud to have extended the Gomer Nation to this island of enchantment. I invite all the Gomer Nation to come to PR and run in the World’s Best 10K on February 28.

  16. PORTLAND: Opps! I may have somehow deleted or changed “run in the rain” red marker. Leave it to a gomer-national. Anyway, would love to get together for a run sometime. I’m on FB- let’s find portlanders! Kim

  17. So I just added my marker to the gomer nation. It was very cool to discover “Bob” whom I don’t know, but who lives about 7 minutes away from me. So you have two fans from Waterloo Ontario….and I know how much you like Canadians!

  18. I just move out from Japan to Canada, but how can I delete pin from previous place!! Here in Saskatchewan, doesn’t have “saving time” thing, just like Japan.

  19. Hey Gomers, the maps a good idea. My sister inlaw turned me on to your podcast. I see her pin in Billings, Montana. Awesome. I’m in Salem, Oregon. Keep running.

  20. hi
    i appear to be the first gomer to sign up from the good old north east of england
    i am running my first marathon in venice italy october and currently listen to you while training can we get the t shirts in the uk ?

  21. Am I the first gomer from Venezuela? Nice!

  22. So, today I am at the gym listening to my Gomers and you are talking about the @#%^# warmer thingy (December episode I believe) anyway, I bust out laughing and everyone is staring at me. I’m like, “It’s the Gomers”, they just don’t understand our kind. Love you guys!!!

  23. I apparently am a rebel incapable of reading directions. And didn’t save my “edit” link. SIGH.

  24. Hello! I guess I’m the first from Hong Kong. But I’ll be sure to spread the word! Thanks so much for everything!

  25. Hi! I’m a big fan of the Gomers. I enjoy listening to your podcasts while I’m running! Thanks so much!

  26. Just added me . Gomers you are awsome, you make me laugh out loud every day!

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