Friends of the Gomers

Here are some blogs from fans who’ve mentioned the Gomers in one way or another.  We thought we’d return the favor…so check em out!  Want to become a Friend of the Gomers yourself?  Just mention and link to us in your blog or podcast, email us and let us know (, and we’ll add you to the list!

Stuff You Should Know

Laura Loving Life

For Whatever Reason (Podcast)

Haack’s First 10k

daily pie

Blog to Lose

Nurtured By Love

26.2 Miles…Bring it On

Milk in the Closet

Views From Two Wheels

Aunt Fun’s Blog


Jill Will Run

One Girl Running

3 thoughts on “Friends of the Gomers”

  1. Hey Gomers – I thought I would finally and formally throw you a link to the blog I have been doing. The podcast died a quick death and now the more traditional blog is actually doing well. So If you want please add the Sole Daddy blog to the Friends of the Gomers listing. Appreciate it.

  2. So I just found your podcast on Itunes today. I am so glad I did! I love you guys. I went on a 4 mile run today and listened to your Season 3 episode 2 show…..I was laughing out loud! I love your humor, your great tips and stories. I am about 2 weeks away from my 1/2 marathon and I at this point in my training, I always get so down on myself and start thinking I am not going to do good. Your podcast makes me lighten up on my self and not take it so serious. So thank you for helping me remember that I am just doing good by getting out there and running and being healthy. You guys are awesome!

  3. Hey, guys. Just stumbled upon your podcast. This is my first running season and I’m turning 40 this month. I’m also entering my speed training. Glad we can journey along together!

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