Season 4 : Episode 2 – Running With Child October 21st, 2011

Good news, Gomernation!

BOTH Gomers are back for this, the second episode of the fourth season.  While much of the episode is welcoming Anthony back and catching up on the not-so-insignificant new developments in his life, the guys find enough time (admittedly, not so hard in an hour thirty minute podcast) to update each other on their progess in the Season 4 Challenges, eating habits, Fall TV impressions, and running celebrity sightings.


95% sure.

This week’s Monday Survey:  Any suggestions for new impressions for Steven to attempt before the Listener Feedback section?  AND…Any tips for increasing speed?

Happy Running!


3 Responses to “Season 4 : Episode 2 – Running With Child”

  1. Monday Survey: Just do it!

  2. So what is the “tooty part” exactly?

    Also, if Steven gets hit by a Smart car or hurts his leg this season, he can still participate in the weight loss challenge! No excuses!

  3. Smart car –> sore calf -> strep throat -> ?

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