Season 3 : Minisode 8 – Last Suppers

The Listener Feedback has POURED in these past couple weeks, and the Gomers are lovin it.  Join them as they discuss running, with a tangent here and there:  sports bras and running skirts, bamboo socks and sticks covered with lube, Eagle Scout near-misses and zombie-killing dogs.

Man’s best zombie-killing friend.

Our excuse is that since this is a Listerner-Feedback-centric show, it’s you, the Gomernation, who sent us on these tangents.  Doesn’t that make you feel good about yourselves?  Happy Running!

7 thoughts on “Season 3 : Minisode 8 – Last Suppers”

  1. Ok, guys, you are making me hungry! Please stop talking about the luscious burgers…I have been trying to lose the last ten pounds for ten months…my marathon is in 5 weeks…and I eat more during your podcast than I used to during Biggest Loser!

  2. Hey Gomers…I thought I would try posting here since nobody else does! Anyways I have a Jillian Michaels quote for you from your talks on “failure”….”Failure is life’s way of teaching you, it means you are reaching and trying to improve your life. It is a necessary part of life and everybody does it.”

    Well she has a new podcast and as soon as she said I thought of you guys!

  3. Please start doing MP3 podcasts.. MP4 do not play on my device and I have to convert. MP3 is universal though 🙂

    1. MP3s are available right here on the webpage, below each podcast description! Just click “Download” and you’re on your way! 🙂

  4. Gomers, I think I can offer some insite on the “be water” montra…could it be that its supposed to be “be fluid”? anyway…I will be chanting “be water” now thanks to you! keep it up!

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