Season 5 : Episode 7 – The Winter Run Shower Effect

After a week of sickness and travel, the Gomers are back at it again just in time for Thanksgiving.  Join them as they talk Songs To Run To, Turkey Trots, secret vacations, roadside terror, predicting elections, new Wii systems, and this one thing that happens to Steven when it’s cold that he’s wondering whether it happens to anyone else.


Monday Survey – What are you Thankful about the running season?  Bonus question:  Have you experienced the Winter Run Shower Effect?  Bonus bonus question:  Should Steven keep doing impressions, or are they obnoxious and you hate them?  Happy Running, and Happy Thanksgiving!

5 thoughts on “Season 5 : Episode 7 – The Winter Run Shower Effect”

  1. Hey Gomers! It’s Allison from Orlando. I wanted to assure you that my car is ok and I wasn’t stranded for too terribly long. It was so exciting to hear my email “read live on the air” this morning! Thanks for reading it, Anthony! And Steven, keep up the impressions. They’re so bad, they’re good! (official clamor).

  2. I feel I must say I too have experienced the Winter Shower effect….I thought it was just ME!? and I thought it had something to do with washing the sweat off?? Warm water washing the cold sweat down?

  3. Greetings from Wisconsin! Yesterday, I ran 8 and it was 20 degrees ouside. I find after cold runs, I think my showers are scalding and yet the temp is turned all the way to cold. So, pretty much the opposite of your experience???

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