Season 5 : Episode 14 – Race in Review (or: Bring a Bag)

The race is over and done, and the guys are on hand to do a full race in review and close up shop on the “Back to the Basics” Season 5.  Join them as they talk overhydration, deep conversations, hitting (or not hitting) the wall, misjudged start times, Parenthood (and 30 Rock and The Office), meeting new members of the Gomernation, hilariously tall half marathon walking teens, juicing, Animal Style fries, and being relieved, for once, that someone ELSE had the biggest Gomer moment of the race.

‘ The guy taking this picture of us and Jules was SO ANNOYED.

And they do it all in one tight 90 minute package.  So enjoy this, the final (and super-sized) episode of Season 5.  Thanks for everything Nation, and Happy Running!

Season 5 : Episode 13 – Race in Preview (or: The Flaccid Palm Punch)

It’s THE WEEK BEFORE THE RACE, and the Gomers are excited and nervous and expectant and freaking out and all the feelings you’re supposed to be feeling before a big race.  Some things that are helping them: A detailed race in preview, words of encouragement from the GomerNation, memories of races gone by…and oh yeah, juicing.

No, not that kind.

Wish the guys luck on Sunday the 20th as they run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix!  And don’t forget, you can still download the Two Gomers Choose Wisely and donate to help the podcast keep going strong.  Happy Running!

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Season 5 : Episode 12 – Running with Alligators

There’s all sorts of fun stuff in this, the penultimate episode before the big race!  Join the guys as they talk tapering, yearly goals shattered by fractions, juicing (not that kind), Biggest Loser breakdowns, and pickle tips.  Plus the annual tradition of New Year’s Resolutions in One Word or Less.  Can’t think of a word?  Maybe Jillian will scream one at you.

Does this help?

Oh, and the drawing for the rare shirts we promised for those who have given toward the special, Two Gomers Choose Wisely.  It’s still available, by the way, hope you enjoy it, and Episode 12!  Happy Running!

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