Season 4.5 : Episode 8 – One Gomer Can’t Understand What Bane is Saying

How Gomerish is it that the finale of a season is mostly about Movies and TV?  Answer: very Gomerish.  Join the guys as they burn off some podcast material here at the end of the summer and talk all things Batman, Olympics, and quinoa pronunciation, in that order.

Princess Diaries 3

The Gomers are taking a break till the end of September, see you in Season 5!

Season 4.5 : Episode 7 – The Not-Quite-Finale

The original plan was for the guys to wrap up things this episode, but they got talking so much about whether becoming vegans would affect their running, they had to ONCE AGAIN push the Summer TV and Movie Chat and Olympics Chat to another episode!

That’s cool, enjoy this episode as the guys talk food, running, and whether “Gomer” should be allowed in Words With Friends.  Plus, an intro that will dazzle you with its amount of tangents.  Seriously, it’s pretty astounding.

It all starts here.

Join us in a couple days for our for real finale!  Happy Running!

Season 4.5 : Episode 6 – Return to the Road

The Gomers are back after their small hiatus, since there’s a race to review, a return to the road to dissect, and the Olympics to start (but not finish) to analyze.  Join the guys as they talk about their month in review, what makes a hometown a hometown, Abraham Lincoln’s big year, The Brad’s new baby, and oral fixations.  Plus, how proud they are to run with their wives.

Gomers 2 and 2.5, racing together.

Happy Running, and see you in a week for our Season 4.5 finale!