Season 4 – Cyber Monday!

Just a quick episode to tell you about our first-ever Cyber Monday Sale!

Today (Monday Nov 28) and Tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 29) the following offers are available:

1.  $1 off Tech Shirts and Vintage T-Shirts!

2.  $3 off our top-quality Hoodies!

3.  $1 off the Specials Pack!

Happy Shopping, and Happy Running!

Season 4 : Special 1 – The New Normal

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“Two Gomers New Normal” is the first special of the fourth season!

Head over to the Gomer Store and download (and donate if you’d like!) and join the guys as they discuss how to stay running – and stay healthy – even when your life changes…and changes…and changes.  It gets pretty deep, but not to worry, there’s plenty of fun – including John Hughes (and Candy) chat, new poop revelations, discussion concerning the dangers of Chili’s Too!, and questioning the alive-ness of the Golden Girls.

Droppin like flies.

Remember, to hear the full episode you have to get it through the Gomer Store – there’s an option to get it for free, of course, but please feel free to support the Gomers with a donation!  A $2.99 donation gets you in a drawing for one of the last 2011 shirts, and anything above that and you’re entered into a drawing for a brand new 2012 shirt…SIGNED BY THE GOMERS!  Or not, your choice!

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Running!

Head over to the Gomer Store to download the Special!

Season 4 – The The Brad Interview

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Join Anthony in this special interview episode as he talks with The Brad (the Gomer’s unofficial coach and trainer) about his recent experience running the ING New York City Marathon.

The Brad
The Brad’s the tall one.

Happy listening, and Happy Running!