Season 4 : Episode 0 – The Two Challenges

The Gomers are back with a new name, a new logo, new theme music…and two new challenges as they preview Season 4.  Join them as they lay out the details of what they’ll be doing – and what they’re inviting the Gomernation to do – over the next several months or so.  Plus there’s Emmy’s chat, discussion on how and how quickly previously-pregnant people lose weight, and a touching reading of our worst iTunes review ever.  Which has become sort of a tradition for the Gomers as they launch a new season.

If only a one-star review felt this good. CHILDISH VIDEO GAME ALERT!

Just to be clear, the two challenges this season are:

1.  PR in a Thanksgiving 5k

2.  Lose 10 pounds by 2012

Commit to these challenges with the Gomers, lose weight, and run for your lives!  Enjoy the season, and Happy Running!


Season 3.5 : The Gomers Look Ahead, Part II

Welcome to Part II of The Gomers’ longest episode to date – almost 2 full hours of looking forward, pontificating, tangenting, and baby-talking.  Sheesh, hope you have a long run coming up so you have time to listen!  If not, do it in small, manageable chunks.  When they start talking ABSOLUTE BEST MOVIE OF THE SUMMER, you’re almost there.

Recognize this famous movie location?!

Thanks for listening, Happy Running!

Season 3.5 : The Gomers Look Ahead, Part I

Summer is coming to a close, and the Gomers have decided to look ahead.  Join them as they make a valiant attempt at an impromptu and candid conversation about what’s next for the Gomers, and come surprisingly close to a conclusion.  Also, it wouldn’t be an episode of the Two Gomers Podcast if there wasn’t a healthy amount of TV chat, especially with the new fall season on the horizon.  You might be surprised about what they’re looking forward to…then again, you might not.

Not likely.

Expect Part II of Looking Ahead early next week.  Happy Running!