Season 2: Episode C – Running is Moving Standing

Surprise!  Things with the Gomers have changed already.  Listen to this, the final episode of Season 2.5, for the details of what exactly Season 3: Two Gomers Strike Back (working title) will entail.

Atlanta wont know what hit it.
Atlanta won't know what hit it.

Also, plenty of fall TV impressions, folklore remembrances, babysitter pricing discussions, and yes, running talk!  Everything you’ve come to expect in an episode of the Gomers.

And all the regulars – Week in Review, Gomers Tips, Listener Feedback, and two (or more) new Songs to Run To.  See you in November, Happy Running!

This week’s Monday Survey:  We’re down to two names for the new season:

1.  Two Gomers Run a (Faster) Marathon


2.  Two Gomers Run a Marathon:  The Sub-5 Strive

Let us know which you like best!