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Special Two Gomers Announcement and New Years Challenge!

January is Two Gomers Fundraising Month! Click the yellow Donate button at the right of the screen to contribute and gain incentives! —->

It’s been a year and a half since our last fundraiser, and we devoting January to raising funds so we can keep the lights on without adding ads to the podcast! If the Two Gomers have inspired, informed, or entertained you in the past 18 months, would you consider giving toward costs to keep the podcast going?

You can donate by clicking the yellow “Donate” button on the right of the screen at Here are the incentives:

$5 or above gets you access to our February Special

$10 or above gets you the February and March Specials, and a thank you shout-out on the podcast

$20 or above gets you the Feb and March specials, the thank you on the podcast, a signed picture of Steven finishing marathon, and the “Movie Pack” (All of our videos which have been taken off of the podcast feed because of their size, plus two lost movie-centric episodes (Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Hobbit)

$26 or above gets you everything above plus the “Everything Pack”: All 17 (!) of our Specials, plus the Gomer EP, Lost Episodes, Lost Gomerpics, and more!

We appreciate everything you do for us, GomerNation, and we look forward to keeping the podcast available on iTunes for years to come!

Season 4 – Cyber Monday!

Just a quick episode to tell you about our first-ever Cyber Monday Sale!

Today (Monday Nov 28) and Tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 29) the following offers are available:

1.  $1 off Tech Shirts and Vintage T-Shirts!

2.  $3 off our top-quality Hoodies!

3.  $1 off the Specials Pack!

Happy Shopping, and Happy Running!