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2020 One Word Special: Part II

Part II of our annual New Year tradition: One Words! We talk about how we want to approach and define our year ahead using One Word, and it all concludes here with Anthony’s word. Plus, a very special announcement about our new season in 2020! Happy Listening, and Happy Running!

2020 One Word Special: Part I

The tradition continues! Our annual New Year’s episodes, where we talk about how we want to approach and define our year ahead using One Word, begins here with Steven’s word. Stay tuned for Anthony’s word in Part II, dropping soon, along with a very special announcement about our new season coming in 2020!

Happy Listening, Happy Running, and Happy New Year!

Season 8: Episode 12 – 2019 OneWords Part II and Season Finale!

This is it – the Season 8 Season Finale! Along with hearing Anthony’s 2019 OneWord, reading listener emails, engaging in some Apple Watch chat, and reporting on an ultra-nerdy celebrity sighting, the Gomers also drop some hints on what might be next for the podcast. Plus, how much like George and Jerry are they, really?

Thanks a million for coming along on the Season 8 journey. We love you GomerNation! Happy Running!

Season 8: Episode 11 – 2019 OneWords Part I

It’s a New Year, and with it comes our favorite episodes of the year: OneWords! Join the guys as they discuss the word Steven chose to define his 2019. Also, what did they get for Christmas? What are their thoughts on the Nation’s OneWords? Will they completely quit social media this year? And will a fan-favorite impression make an appearance before the season finale next week?

Happy Listening, Happy New Year, and Happy Running!

Season 8: Episode 5 – OneWords, 2018 Edition

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This is it – the Gomers annual New Years’ OneWord Special! Will Anthony choose a word with only one letter this year? How cheesy IS Steven’s word, exactly? Have either of the guys seen The Last Jedi again? What kinds of OneWords did the GomerNation choose? Who won the bottle of PooPouri, signed by Steven? And did the guys get anything good for Christmas?

All these answers and more on this Episode!

Join us next week as Steven prepares for his Marathon, only days away! And don’t forget to Donate by pressing the yellow button on Happy Running!

2017 New Years’ Special 2 – Anthony’s OneWord

Here, in the second New Year’s Special of 2017, the guys tackle Anthony’s OneWord.  The also tackle some new entrées at their neighborhood fast food joints.  Plus more Listener Feedback, updates on what’s next with the podcast, and the golden age of CGI.

Farewell until July!  Unless The Last Jedi trailer comes out, then you’ll probably hear from us sooner. 🙂  Happy Running!

2017 New Years’ Special 1 – Steven’s OneWord

We know, it’s a little late, but what’s that saying?  Better late…anyway.  The guys return for their first of two New Years’ specials.  There is more personal chat as they kick off 2017, and Steven shares his OneWord.  Also, cruise ship foibles, political ponderings (!), and The Last Jedi predictions.

Never Forget

Happy Listening, Happy Running, and we’ll be back in a couple days with Anthony’s word!



Season 7: Episode 7 – New Year OneWords

The Gomers are back to conclude their Holiday episodes before taking a brief winter hiatus.  This may be their most personal episode yet, as they not only reveal their One Word Resolutions, but dig deep into their current lives and situations.  Sound fun?  It was for them!  Plus, what they got for Christmas, The GomerNation’s OneWords, Anthony’s first Instagram selfie, and just a bit of Rey theorizing.

Happy New Year, and see you in February!

New Years’ 2015 Special Part 2: One Words

Put on a pointy party hat, blow through an annoying noisemaker, and throw some confetti, the annual New Years’ Special from the Gomers is here!

This is the last episode for awhile, and the Gomers go out with a bang. The guys reveal their New Years’ One Word Resolutions, and inspire one another. Then they read a selection of One Word Resolutions from you, the listeners, and you inspire them. It’s just one huge inspiration party. Plus, they tread some familiar waters.

Finally, they reveal what’s next, or rather, what isn’t. The Gomers are going radio-silent for awhile again, but keep checking Facebook for pictures, updates, and fun stuff!

Happy 2015, and Happy Running!

Season 6: Episode 8 – Two Gomers Go to the Gym

The Gomers continue to embrace the Year of the Triathlon in this, the eighth episode of Two Gomers Race a Triathlon!

The gym is a lot more crowded in January than in December.  The guys detail their first (and only?) swim together before the triathlon, including biking and running.  Tri shorts leave nothing to the imagination.  It’s possible to listen to music underwater.  Towel service is too expensive.  Steven shares his One Word Resolution.  And the guys still have time to talk some Movies to Bike To.

Aaaaaas yooooou wiiiiiiiish!

Monday Survey this week:  In a couple sentences, what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?  We want to hear about it and be inspired!  Happy running!

Season 6: Episode 7 – Put the Fear of God in Me

It’s a New Year, and the Gomers are back…and things are starting to get real, fast.

The fear of God was put in Anthony on his very first swim with his coach.  A listener rebukes the guys, and we listen.  Steven is reading a triathlon book and can’t put it down.  Touching the wall and the floor of the pool isn’t going to work anymore.  The guys talk at length about whether or not they are present in this distracted world.  And Anthony reveals his New Years’ One Word Resolution.

Monday Survey – Keep those New Years’ Resolutions coming!  We love em and so does the Nation!  Happy running!

Season 5 : Episode 12 – Running with Alligators

There’s all sorts of fun stuff in this, the penultimate episode before the big race!  Join the guys as they talk tapering, yearly goals shattered by fractions, juicing (not that kind), Biggest Loser breakdowns, and pickle tips.  Plus the annual tradition of New Year’s Resolutions in One Word or Less.  Can’t think of a word?  Maybe Jillian will scream one at you.

Does this help?

Oh, and the drawing for the rare shirts we promised for those who have given toward the special, Two Gomers Choose Wisely.  It’s still available, by the way, hope you enjoy it, and Episode 12!  Happy Running!

Download the special here:

Season 4 : Episode 9 – One-Word Resolutions

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2011 is over, and the guys spend this special, shorter episode discussing resolutions – theirs and the Nation’s – for 2012.  Join them as they reveal their one-word commitments, and discuss their running and weight-loss goals as well.  Plus delusional Star Trek captains, hipster journals, and Home Alone what-ifs.  Oh my!

Look what ya did, ya little jerk!

Thanks for a great year, Gomernation!  And here’s to a healthy and happy (running) 2012!

Update your status in the Season 4 Challenges here!


Season 3 : Episode 5, Part 1 – The Year of Discipline and Risk

The New Year is still on the minds of the Gomers, and they spend a significant portion of the first part of Episode 5 discussing it.  Including these questions: Should resolutions be vague or specific?  Should you set the bar unreachably high, or comfortably low?  And what is the name of that one lady who keeps saying inspiring things in Grumpy Old Men?

Yeah, that’s her back there!

This first part includes the New Years’ themed Runner’s Corner and two new Songs To Run To.  Join us tomorrow for Anthony’s Race in Review and some fun Listener Feedback.  Happy Running!

Season 2 : Two Gomers Special 2 – Two Gomers Get Resolute

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It’s the second Two Gomers Special: Two Gomers Get Resolute!  The guys are visited by three ghosts: Past, Present, and Future…well, not really, but they talk about those things in relation to their running journey.

Taller than he looks.
Taller than he looks.

Plus, we FINALLY discuss the controversial “Plodders” article from the New York Times…and Steven gets a little heated about it.  You don’t want to miss that.

So download while the downloadin’s good!  Just click the first button to donate (suggested donation: $2.99) to the Two Gomers, and the second to download the New Year’s Special (right click on the DOWNLOAD button and select “Save target as…” or “Download Linked File”).  If you donate and include your email, you’ll get a link from us within 48 hours for a special video “thank-you” from the Gomers, recorded at Culver’s, plus your name will be entered into a drawing for a free Two Gomers Tee or Tech shirt.  Thanks in advance!  Happy Running!

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Oh, and don’t forget this week’s Monday Survey:  What are your New Years Resolutions?