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2019 Christmas Special 2: Gomer Gift Exchange

Gather kith and kin round the yule log – it’s the second part of the 2019 Gomer Christmas Special! Disney+! Special Guests! Actual Running Chat! And our annual tradition: The Gomer Gift Exchange!

Merry Christmas, Gomernation! We love and appreciate you. Make sure to subscribe to our other feed, Perfect Movie, for more Christmas fun and plenty of episodes to come in 2020!

2019 Christmas Special 1: Gomers’ Favorite Thiiiiiiings!

An annual tradition continues as the Two Gomers come back to their roots (and original feed) and release the 2019 Christmas Special! Gather your kin and hearken as the guys talk Christmas movies (even though they say they won’t), traditions, years gone by, and Favorite Thiiiings! Big shocker: they go long, so you can expect the second half of this special to drop in two days. Happy Christmas, and Happy Listening!

2018 Christmas Special 3: The Gomer Gift Exchange

In this, the third and final Christmas Special of 2018, the guys reveal their 2018 Favorite Intangible Things, exchange presents live on the air, remember a ski-lift incident from 25 years ago, and disagree about another Christmas movie.

Robin Williams is so sad about this casting choice.

Don’t forget, the guys are trying to raise a bit of money to pay for the server space – if you donate before the end of the year, Steven will send you his family’s Christmas card with a handwritten thank you!

Happy Listening, Happy Running, and Happy Christmas! We’ll be back in the New Year with our OneWords!

2018 Christmas Special 2: ‘Tis the Season to Have Epiphanies

In this, the second Christmas Special of 2018, Anthony brings us through his year in running in review, the guys discuss listeners’ wishlists, and Steven reveals his true thoughts on Love, Actually.

Don’t forget, the guys are trying to raise a bit of money to pay for the server space – if you donate before the end of the year, Steven will send you his family’s Christmas card with a handwritten thank you!

Happy Listening, Happy Running, and Happy Christmas!

2018 Christmas Special 1: Gomer Actually

Hey, it’s the first Two Gomer’s Christmas Special of 2018! And the guys jump right in: join them as they talk new additions to their Christmas movie must-sees, end-of-the-year running in review, and Gomer’s Favorite THIIIIIIIINGS! And also they can’t stop talking about Alan Rickman.

Don’t forget this week’s GomerSurvey: What is on your Holiday Running (or otherwise) Wishlist? Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

Season 8: Episode 4 – Gomers’ Favorite Thiiiiiiiings

Here it is, our final of three Christmas episodes, and it’s a doozy!

We talk long runs, snow runs, code-browns and foam rollers. We do a live-to-tape Gomer Gift Exchange with our families in the room that may or may not be comprehendible. We read thoughts from the GomerNation about The Last Jedi and our own podcast. And a ton of fun stuff along the way!

But the crux of this episode is Gomers’ Favorite Things, where go a bit deeper than we usually do, or maybe ever have! We thought a Christmas episode was the time to release something like this, so here you go!

Happy Holidays and Happy Running!

Season 8: Episode 3 – Dashing Through the (Atlanta) Snow

The tables have turned as Anthony gets in a snow run before Steven this year! Join us in this, the second of three Christmas Specials of 2017, as the guys talk about new Christmas Classics, running distances no man or woman should ever run and how that feels like being pregnant, life-altering podcasts, top Movies and TV from the past year, the value of touching your waist, and the GomerNation’s Holiday Wishlists!

Oh yeah, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi predictions. Force ghosts anyone?

Happy Holidays, Happy Last Jedi-ing, and Happy Running!


Season 8: Episode 2 – Christmas Movie Taxonomy

It’s an annual tradition: The Two Gomers Christmas Specials!

In this, the first of three specials, the Gomers give updates on their Turkey Trots, seeing a modern Christmas classic in the theater, Guiness World Record-breaking races, teenage voice-drops, Christmas Movie Taxonomies, the first third of Total Recall, and Gomer Favorite THIIIIIIIINGS!

Have a great week, Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

2016 Christmas Special 3 – Gomer Did You Know?

Because they went unsurprisingly long in their Rogue One chat last episode, you get a THIRD Christmas Special!  There is some more Rogue One chat too.

But mostly they guys present their annual holiday tradition: Gomers’ Favorite THIIIIIIIIINGS!  Some are technical, come are conceptual, some are spiritual, and one of them is a toaster.

Plus, your holiday wish lists, a deep dive into that the score of one of our favorite Christmas movies, and the Gomers get theological.  See you next time, in the New Years special!  Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

2016 Christmas Special 2 – And A Star Wars Story in a Pear Tree

In their fastest turnaround ever, the guys recorded this, the second Christmas special for 2016, a mere 8 hours after they saw Rogue One.  And that’s the main thrust of this episode: their thoughts, theories, and gut reactions to the first standalone Star Wars movie.

Plus some truly cutting edge plot-hole discussions on Home Alone II and The Santa Clause, and plenty of Christmas chat, because Gomers.  Happy Christmas, and Happy Running!

2016 Christmas Special 1 – Not Just for Decoration

After their longest hiatus ever, the guys are back for this, the first of their 2016 Christmas Specials!

They’ll talk, in detail, about everything that’s happened since the summer.  Like, remember the Olympics?  That happened during that time, they are pretty sure.  Then they’ll review their Turkey Trots from Thanksgiving morning, marveling at how different they were…and how Steven maybe should have found someplace better to sleep.  Also, some TV and Movie Chat, focusing on millennials, manipulative dramas, and linguisticly-charged, purposefully-paced, coffee-stained alien movies.

They end with some great feedback from our thankful listeners!  Happy Christmastime, and Happy Running!


Season 7: Bonus Episode 2 – Two Gomers Review Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Merry Christmas, here’s our bonus gift to you: 90 minutes of Star Wars chat!

The guys have seen the movie, and this bonus ep is just what you’d expect: half an hour of preamble before they even get to the big event.  But once they do, you’ll hear what they thought, get caught up in their excitement, and get spoiled on nearly every plot point.

Spoiler Alert! We both want a BB8.

Plus, the guys FINALLY open their Gomer Gifts, and you’ll be there to hear it!  Have a wonderful close to your 2015, and see you next year!

Season 7: Episode 6 – Christmas Chafing

It’s the Gomers’ second Christmas Special of 2015, and it’s a fun one!

While the guys do talk running (it’s a running podcast, after all), most of that discussion revolves around lubrication, or lack there-of.  Steven and Anthony are more excited about other things – namely, the countdown to Christmas and The Force Awakens.  Also, their Favorite Things list expand.  Books!  Movies!  Music!  Baby stuff!  Dogs!  Butt-pads!  It’s all here, folks.

OMG She’s trying SO HARD to remember her lines.

Check your feed for a special Christmas Eve episode!  Happy Running, and Happy Holidays!

Oh, and here’s Steven’s present to you: His 2015 Songs To Run To!

Season 7: Episode 5 – Bassoon it will be Christmas

Gather the family round the Yule Log and enjoy our annual tradition: The Two Gomers Christmas Specials!

In this, our first of two specials, we talk Turkey Trots, recording while geared up for a run, honing rods, eating whatever we want (and how that’s changed this year), doctor updates, what the GomerNation is thankful for, and Home Alone LIVE!

Plus, a special visit from everybody’s favorite Elf With Attitude!  Happy listening, Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

New Years’ 2015 Special Part 1: Back to the Future and Christmas in Review

Put on a pointy party hat, blow through an annoying noisemaker, and throw some confetti, the annual New Years’ Special from the Gomers is here!

In this first part of two, The Gomers talk about how weird it is that it’s finally 2015, and how that will effect there lives when it comes to Back to the Future memes people are always sending them. And then, more Back to the Future talk!

A life-long dream fulfilled!

Plus, they talk about how they balance the sacred and worldly during Christmas, then move on quickly to what they got. And some end-of-the-year running updates, too!

Stay tuned for part two, our One Words, coming in a couple days. Happy New Year, and Happy Running!


Christmas 2014 Special 3: Favorite Things and Gomer Kids

One more Christmas Special before the New Year!

Join the guys as they spread Christmas cheer by talking their favorite THIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS! Listen as they discuss kitchen appliances, Christmas movies and music, competing podcasts, and the current state of animation.

It’s kind of like the Gomers, animated.

You’ll also get to listen to this year’s Gomer Gift Exchange, LIVE ON THE AIR!

Plus, special visits and performances by the Gomer kids. And oh yeah, Steven makes a completely ridiculous commitment concerning Star Wars you won’t want to miss.

Thanks for an awesome year, Gomernation! Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

Christmas 2014 Special 2: Snow Runs and Holiday McRibs

It’s the second of the Gomers’ annual Christmas Specials!

First things first, the guys talk Jurassic World. Come on, we have to have priorities!

The guys also talk end-of-the-year running, including Anthony’s journey with the Runner’s World Running Streak and Steven’s yearly running goal. Also, Snow Romance Runs, marathon itches, Elf on the Shelf confusion, and the long-awaited tasting of the McRibs.

And of course, we went long. But you benefit! One more special coming before Christmas! Happy Running!


Christmas 2014 Special 1: Turkey Trots and Hot Sauce

Not being ones to shirk tradition, the Gomers’ annual Christmas Specials are here!

In this first special of two, the guys review their Turkey Trots and Thanksgiving dinners out. Steven gets a miraculous present and owes it all to the podcast (and his amazing staff). Anthony starts a running challenge to end his year strong. And the guys take part in their traditional Gomers’ Favorite THIIIIIIIIINGS! This week: Health, Exercise, and (hot) Food.

Pretend that’s Mrs. Clause.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

Season 6: Episode 6 – Christmas 2013 Special 3 (or: Gomers Favorite THIII-iiiiiiiiings!)

Awww, it’s the last Gomer Christmas Special or 2013! Don’t be sad, it’s a fun one! The guys spend most of their time in the Gomer’s Favorite Things section, and the favorite things end up being eerilly similar. Also, stick around past the close for a special gift – the opportunity to listen to the Gomers sit in front of their computers and register for the race! Plus a classic impression to end our holiday season.

Not just for decoration.

Monday Survey: What’s your New Year’s Resolution? See you the first full week of January! Merry Christmas and Happy Running!

(p.s. Here’s the link to Steven’s second Favorite Thing:

Season 6: Episode 5 – Christmas 2013 Special 2 (or: Oh God No Dohn Shooot)

Jingle Gomers, Jingle Gomers, Gomers all the way!  That’s a new Christmas classic and don’t you forget it!

In this, the second Christmas Special of 2013, the guys are full of cheer and wanting to share it with the world.  Anthony discovers something very strange about the bells during cross-country flights.  Steven faces an embarrassing situation in the gym shower, and makes an interesting choice.  Physical therapists can bring epiphanies, and Tony’s does.  There are certain movies one must watch this time of year, whether you’re in your living room or on a stationary bike, and the guys outline them for you, in the usual detail.

Was Jimmy Stewart a Gomer?

Monday Survey:  What’s your New Year’s Resolution?  Let us know, and Happy Running!

Season 6: Episode 4 – Christmas 2013 Special 1 (or: The Friggin Tshirt Revelation)

It’s that special time of year – when you get to stuff your ears with Gomer cheer!  The first 2013 Christmas episode is here!

Steven does his first brick workout and his butt hurts.  Anthony shares some reflections of his past life as he remembers his Grandma.  We bet you ten bucks you can guess Anthony’s indispensable Christmas albums in this week’s S2R2.  The Gomeration’s wish lists are something special.  The recorder is the perfect holiday instrument.  And Steven has a revelation about one of Anthony’s favorite articles of clothing that changes EVERYTHING.

He was dead the whole time!

Monday Survey – What are YOUR indispensable holiday albums and movies?  We want to know so we can talk about them.  Happy Festivus!


Season 5 : Episode 10 – Christmastime Hooray! (or: Running in the snow sucks)

In this, the third and final Christmas Special of 2012, the guys try to cram everything in – so much that they had to split the episode and move their Hobbit review to a separate episode.   They start with some sobering words and thoughts about last week’s tragedy, then move to Week In Review, Gomer’s Favorite Things, and Listener Feedback.  And yes, it’s PACKED with holiday goodness…and JEANS!


Oh and Steven’s impressions are BACK.  Plus, make sure you listen all the way to the end for a Christmas treat!

Thanks for listening this year, Nation!  The Gomers love you and appreciate you so much.  Happy Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

Season 5 : Episode 9 – Christmastime is Near (or: I Quit Oh No Wait I Don’t)

It’s the Gomers’ second Christmas special of 2012, and they are in a festive mood…well, unless they’re talking about rough weeks and rough runs and totally wanting to quit and stuff.  Otherwise, join them as they talk happily about Holiday Wish Lists, band-geek near-death experiences, Christmas movie plotholes, lights on their knuckles, cheese-drenched al dente cauliflower, and not talking about Home Alone.

No, not yet. Still have a LONG way to go.

This week’s Monday Survey – What’s on your NON-RUNNING wish list this holiday season?  And don’t forget that the Gomers’ annual fund-raising special is coming up right after Christmas.  Two Gomers: Parenthood – Choose Wisely.  Get ready, it’s gonna be awesome!

Season 5 : Episode 8 – Christmastime is Here (or: Grampa Carrying a Baby)

The Gomers’ favorite time of year is upon us, and so they present to you, Nation, the first of three Christmas specials.  Listen in as they talk Turkey Trots, Holiday Movies, Long Runs, Christmas Traditions, Barrette Clips, and Disneyland Little People Singing Jingle Bells.

Little Christmas People, Big Christmas World

This week’s Monday Survey:  What’s on your running Christmas Wish List?  Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

Season 4 : Episode 8 – 2012 Year in Preview

The Gomers recorded their final Christmas episode before heading home to the midwest, and it’s a fun and festive one.  Join them as they start talking about what happens after Season 4 comes to a close, give a couple more Christmas Songs to Run To, and spend a lot  of time sharing their Gomers’ Favorite Things, Stuff Edition.

Oh yum.

A heartfelt Merry Christmas from the Gomers, Gomernation!  Enjoy, and Happy Running!

Season 4 : Episode 7 – Never Look Josh Groban in the Eyes

It’s snowing in Flagstaff and sunny in Florida, but the Gomers are having no problem connecting on their one true passion – Christmas – in this, their second Holiday episode of 2011.  Join them as the talk cold-weather running, soprano sax vs. oboe, Lego separator tools, Home Alone 2 plot-points, and a certain faux-opera singer’s ettiquette demands.


Enjoy the season, the guys sure are!  Happy Christmas, and Happy Running!

Season 4 : Episode 6 – Deciduous Christmas Trees

Update your status in the Season 4 Challenges here!

Deck the halls, ring the bells, and call your mom – the Two Gomers’ Christmas episodes have finally begun! And besides a little confusion concerning what kind of tree is evergreen, the guys seem to be in their element – join them for Christmas light-color pros and cons, Turkey Trot Reviews, the return of Gomers’ Favorite Things, and, of course, in depth discussion of their favorite movie ever.

Or maybe the other one is their favorite movie ever. Can’t remember.

Happy listening, Happy running, and Happy Christmastime!

Season 3: Gomersode 1 – Gomer Dissertations Old and New

Merry Christmas Nation!
Here it is, the Gomer’s 4th of our “4 downloads in 5 days” for you, our faithful listeners.  In this we present to you a Gomer Rewind, remembering our dissertations on the correlation of A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and the similarities of the Home Alone Score to the Nutcracker.
It's a lie!
But WAIT, don’t just think this is old material!  We then pose a new question, how do two classic Christmas movie sequels compare to their originals: Home Alone and Die Hard?  How intriguing!  And finally our Monday Survey: What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
Happy Running!

Season 3 : Episode 4, Part 2 – Happy Festivus, GomerNation!

The definition of bittersweet:  the Gomer’s final official Christmas episode of the year.  Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty to get your red-and-white-striped juices going before they’re done, including a super-sized Gomer’s Favorite Things, lots of Christmas Songs to Run To (the good and the bad), and a shocking realization concerning the holiday of choice at Arizona public schools.

Thanks, George Costanza’s Dad!

Merry Christmas from the Gomers!

Oh, the Monday Survey:  What are your New Years’ resolutions?  We want to know, and to share them with the rest of the GomerNation!

Season 3 : Episode 4, Part 1 – Two Rough Weeks and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

It’s the final official Christmas episode, but of course the guys couldn’t fit it all in one download.  So please enjoy Part I, where the Gomers discuss their (not too great) weeks of running, the shelf-life of Home Alone, and whether or not they’ve kept their Chipotle-related commitments.

All we want for Christmas
All we want for Christmas…

In Part 1 you’ll hear the Christmas Intro, their Weeks in Review and a special True Gomer Confessions.  Hope you enjoy the five days of four downloads from the Gomers, continuing tomorrow!

Happy Running!

Season 3 : Minisode 3 – A Couple of Nice Young Men

Ok, ok, so at over 45 minutes, this isn’t exactly a Minisode.  But the Gomers figured it would be ok, you know, since it’s Christmas and all.  Plus, they need that extra time for all the free advertising they’ve decided to do.

Full-body drying thingy, please!

Join the Gomers for their Weeks in Review, Songs to Run To, Gomers’ Favorite Things, and Listener Feedback…all festively adorned with sugar plums and bowls full of jelly.  Enjoy, and Happy Running!

Season 3 : Episode 3 – Gomers’ Favorite Things

Have you been good little girls and boys this year?  You have?  Well, here’s your present:  The first of three Christmas episodes from the Gomers!  And the holiday cheer comes hard and fast – you won’t need to wait but 2 minutes before a lively Christmas-movie discussion hits your ears.

That’s right, we said CLASSIC.

Plus, there’s a brand new Christmas segment this year:  Gomers’ Favorite Things.  Basically it’s just the guys doing free advertising for some stuff they like, but hopefully it helps bolster some lean Christmas lists out in the Nation.

And don’t forget about the Week in Review (featuring the Gomers’ Tureky Trot reviews), Listener Feedback, and new Monday Survey, and 2 new Christmas Songs To Run To.

Happy Holidays (and Running)!

Monday Survey:  What’s on your Christmas (or other holiday) running list this year?

Season 2 : Episode 14 – Two Gomers Gomering, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Here it is, the final of three in this year’s series of Christmas episodes.  It’s sad, but the Gomers press on, packing in every tiny Christmas-related tidbit they can in between updating the Gomernation on how the marathon-training is going.  Which is, incidentally, pretty well.

Join the Gomers as they relate tales of running both in the snow and 80 degree weather, watching classic Christmas movies, and responding to that many-layered question:  “Why are you running a marathon?  You must be crazy!”

Well, maybe they are, but just wait till you hear their dissertations on the links between Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation, and The Nutcracker and Home Alone.  THEN tell them they’re crazy.

This week’s Survey:  What are your New Years Resolutions?  And don’t forget, the Christmas Gomer Rewind is next week, followed by the second Gomer Special:  Two Gomers Get Resolute.  Happy Christmas, and Happy Running!

Season 2 : Episode 13 – Dashing through the snow (or not)

The Gomers are really getting into the Christmas spirit now, with more discussions about food, music, and movies both classic (White Christmas) and kind of a stretch (The Godfather).  Oh, and they ran last week, too.  Kind of.  Winter has decended upon gomer2, and gomer1 does his best to keep him motivated, even though all Steven’s doing is sitting around inside while the snow dumps outside, watching The Biggest Loser finale and eating chips.

Believe it, fat Danny.
Believe it, fat Danny.

They won’t let it get them down, though.  Not with all the regular features to get to, like Week in Review, two new Songs to Run To, the Christmas Corner, Listener Feedback, an all-new Monday Survey…and a True Gomer Confession that’s kind of a game-changer.  Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

Season 2 : Episode 12 – Run Run Rudolph

It’s the first of three Christmas Episodes, and the Gomers couldn’t be more excited. But they’ve also got a lot of catching up to do – both ran Turkey Trots over Thanksgiving, and Anthony ran ANOTHER race after that. That’s right, three races total in one week. All in the name of being able to eat whatever the heck they wanted.

Add a Double Double to that, and its the perfect meal.
Add a Double Double to that, and it’s the perfect meal.

All the regular fixins (Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Eat and Run, Songs to Run To, Monday Survey) and something special thrown in (Christmas Corner) make for an episode that will get you into the holiday spirit, guaranteed.

This week’s survey:  We’re trying to assemble the Ultimate Runner’s Christmas List. What are you asking for this Christmas to help you in your running endeavors? The Gomers wanna know!

Happy (Christmas) Running!

Season 1 : Episode 15 – Xmas Special 3 : Macho Man Randy Savage’s Christmas Message to the Gomernation

Season 1 : Episode 15 – Xmas Special 3 : Macho Man Randy Savage’s Christmas Message to the Gomernation

Season 1 : Episode 14 – Xmas Special 2 : Gomers on Ice

Season 1 : Episode 14 – Xmas Special 2 : Gomers on Ice

Season 1 : Episode 13 – Xmas Special 1 : The Nugget Dream

Season 1 : Episode 13 – Xmas Special 1 : The Nugget Dream