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Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 27 – The Boulder

Is the number goal weighing us down? We try to figure that out as 2020 nears its end and we near our breaking points.

Happy stacking!

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Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 26 – The Fast Food Fast

“This is gonna be a bad one.” – Anthony

The guys try not to weigh in, but they do because them’s the rules. Neither is happy with the result, and have a conversation about that and how they feel about finishing the final quarter of a sucky year strong. Plus, the October Challenge: Fast Fast Food!

Happy skipping the drive-thru!

Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 25 – The Inconvenient Shell

Remember last episode of Lose 20 when we were laughing about “it’s only a matter of time before one of us crashes again?” Ha ha! That was so funny!

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Special Episode: Breaking Through the Stall Phase (with Chad Kemp)

In this special episode of Two Gomers Run For Their Lives, we present a (sometimes uncomfortable) conversation about race, identity, and growth with our lifelong friend, accomplished attorney, and city counsel member Chad Kemp (yes, that’s THE Chad).

Hear the final half-hour of our chat, where Chad tells us about his History of Black Film class, on the Two Gomers Bonus Disc ( Happy Listening, and we’ll be back to Lose 20 in 2020 next week!

Lose 20 in 2020: Episode 24 – Pleasure-Stacking

August was kinda rough – but there’s always another episode, always another chance to start over, and always another way to move forward! And the guys are doing just that. September has been a great month as they begin to look toward the end of the year, and the close of their Lose 20 Challenge. Plus, they gush over tiny endorphins and take on a listener’s challenge to not to talk about unhealthy food at all for the entire ep.

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