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2016 Christmas Special 3 – Gomer Did You Know?

Because they went unsurprisingly long in their Rogue One chat last episode, you get a THIRD Christmas Special!  There is some more Rogue One chat too.

But mostly they guys present their annual holiday tradition: Gomers’ Favorite THIIIIIIIIINGS!  Some are technical, come are conceptual, some are spiritual, and one of them is a toaster.

Plus, your holiday wish lists, a deep dive into that the score of one of our favorite Christmas movies, and the Gomers get theological.  See you next time, in the New Years special!  Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!

2016 Christmas Special 2 – And A Star Wars Story in a Pear Tree

In their fastest turnaround ever, the guys recorded this, the second Christmas special for 2016, a mere 8 hours after they saw Rogue One.  And that’s the main thrust of this episode: their thoughts, theories, and gut reactions to the first standalone Star Wars movie.

Plus some truly cutting edge plot-hole discussions on Home Alone II and The Santa Clause, and plenty of Christmas chat, because Gomers.  Happy Christmas, and Happy Running!

2016 Christmas Special 1 – Not Just for Decoration

After their longest hiatus ever, the guys are back for this, the first of their 2016 Christmas Specials!

They’ll talk, in detail, about everything that’s happened since the summer.  Like, remember the Olympics?  That happened during that time, they are pretty sure.  Then they’ll review their Turkey Trots from Thanksgiving morning, marveling at how different they were…and how Steven maybe should have found someplace better to sleep.  Also, some TV and Movie Chat, focusing on millennials, manipulative dramas, and linguisticly-charged, purposefully-paced, coffee-stained alien movies.

They end with some great feedback from our thankful listeners!  Happy Christmastime, and Happy Running!