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Season 6 : Pre-Season Specials – Donate and Download Tons of Fun!

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Two Gomers Race a Triathlon is here, three weeks early!

Many of you have been asking how to help us make Two Gomers Race a Triathlon possible. Here’s your chance!  We’ve released a two-part special available for direct download only (through our store, not on iTunes!) when you donate to Two Gomers Race a Triathlon.

First, at the $2.99 level, you’ll get the FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON 6 (complete with Anthony’s first swim and gym experience and some unique stuff that won’t be in the Nov 14 premiere) three weeks early!

Don’t worry, he didn’t bring his bassoon.

If you donate more, you’ll also receive our second special, only available these next three weeks and then gone forever, called “Two Gomers: Skydiving and Space Movies.”

If you donate the top, “Marathon” amount, you’ll ALSO receive a personalized thank-you audio message from the Gomers!

Just head over to the Two Gomers store and donate and download now.  ALL the money you give will go directly toward getting us to the Triahlon at the end of our sixth season, and toward making the podcast possible.  We couldn’t do this without you, and we THANK YOU! We’re getting PUMPED for Two Gomers Race a Triathlon!

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Season 5 : Special Episode – Two Gomers Choose Wisely

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It’s been the Gomers’ ambition, ever since they both had kids in the mix, to record a special podcast about being Dads, living life, staying healthy, and remaining sane.  Now, after weeks of planning and hours and hours of recording, they present to you their 2012 Special Episode, Two Gomers Choose Wisely.

And as you might expect, the episode covers a wide range of topics, including running.  Join the guys as they take an honest look at comparing and judging, making time for important things, deciding what those important things are, life “majors and minors,” finding creative “me times,” chasing and deferring dreams, and doing housework.  All this from that one scene in Indiana Jones!

No, not that one.

Remember, this is also the Gomers’ annual fundraising episode.  So please, if the podcast has inspired, motivated, or entertained you, consider giving when you download.  As always, the guys REALLY appreciate it and couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Downloading, donating, and running!

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Season 4 : Special 1 – The New Normal

Head over to the Gomer Store to download the Special!

“Two Gomers New Normal” is the first special of the fourth season!

Head over to the Gomer Store and download (and donate if you’d like!) and join the guys as they discuss how to stay running – and stay healthy – even when your life changes…and changes…and changes.  It gets pretty deep, but not to worry, there’s plenty of fun – including John Hughes (and Candy) chat, new poop revelations, discussion concerning the dangers of Chili’s Too!, and questioning the alive-ness of the Golden Girls.

Droppin like flies.

Remember, to hear the full episode you have to get it through the Gomer Store – there’s an option to get it for free, of course, but please feel free to support the Gomers with a donation!  A $2.99 donation gets you in a drawing for one of the last 2011 shirts, and anything above that and you’re entered into a drawing for a brand new 2012 shirt…SIGNED BY THE GOMERS!  Or not, your choice!

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Running!

Head over to the Gomer Store to download the Special!