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10th Anniversary Special Part I: Beginnings, Catastrophes and Calamaties

The Gomers are celebrating a decade of the podcast with a run of “Best-of” episodes, looking back at ten crazy and inspiring years of trying to living healthy and inviting a nation along for the run!

In this first episode, the guys listen back to clips (curated by the GomerNation) from the start of the podcast and the Half Marathon.

And as a bonus, they listen to clips about their various catastrophes and calamities. Code Browns! Smart Cars! Golf Carts! That Hurt More!

Special thanks to Mackenzie Weibe and her tireless work helping with these 10th Anniversary Episodes…we couldn’t have done it without you Mackenzie! Thanks also to Adam Dilling for your patience with us as you revamped our website. It looks amazing, thank you Adam!

We’ll be back with Part II: The Marathon and Anthony Becomes a Dad, in a couple weeks. Happy Listening, Happy Running!

Season 2 : Gomer Rewind 3 – Plus Post-accident and Half Marathon Reports!

Gomer2 is still mostly bed-ridden in the aftermath of the big car accident, so the guys thought this would be the perfect time for their third Gomer Rewind.  Join the guys as they take a look back at one of their favorite episodes from the first season, the one recorded one day before their first race.  Not only are they both in the same room, but it’s in front of a live studio audience!

But wait, there’s more!  Before the Rewind Steven gives a post-accident update, and the guys discuss what’s to become of the marathon, originally schedule for 4 weeks from now (gulp).  And AFTER the Rewind, Anthony is joined by a very special guest to discuss running his second Half Marathon this past weekend.  It’s a packed episode, we tell ya, PACKED!

This week’s Survey…er…there isn’t one.  So much going on, the Gomers totally forgot.  Oh well, Happy Running anyway!

Season 2 : Gomer Rewind 2 – Somewhere in our Memories

Here’s one more taste of Christmas before you put that tree away – the second Gomer Rewind!  This one is holiday-themed, as the Gomers take a look back at their favorite moments from last year’s Christmas episodes.  It’s everything you’d expect – bemoaning snow-runs, waxing nostalgic, and trying not to eat like complete idiots.  Plus a couple surprises – their most famous fan ever, and the most ridiculous Runner’s Corner ever recorded in the history of man. Oh, and a celebrity guest you will not want to miss!

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Don’t forget our second Two Gomers Special, arriving New Year’s Day!  Happy Running!