2018 Spring Special 1: Two Gomers Start Over

It’s our first of two Spring Specials: Two Gomers Start Over! We talk about how we are both in the process of starting over in our running journeys, and the ins and outs of that process. Plus a TON of fun stuff along the way. It’s a really great one, we are proud of it, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

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Season 8: Episode 10 – Mid-Season Finale Part II

The first half of our #Sub5By40 season is in the bag! Join the guys as they spend the bulk of this episode recapping a rare treat to end the season and celebrate Steven’s 40th – an entire weekend together. Spoiler: they ate a lot. French toast, Chinese food, pizza…and the frog. Plus, Jurassic Park Chaaaaaat!

Also, you’ll get an update on why Steven hasn’t run for the past two weeks (it’s not great), and hear about Anthony’s 15 minutes of fame as he is mentioned (ok, more than mentioned) in a powerful sermon at his church in Atalanta. After you listen to this finale episode, check out the sermon link below – the set-up to Anthony’s part starts at the 44 minute mark. We know you’ll love it!

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Season 8: Episode 9 – Mid-Season Finale Part I

The Gomers told you we would be back for their mid-season finale, and here the are! And, as per usual, the guys had so much to talk about that the finale became two parts!

Here, in Part I, Steven and Anthony share final thoughts on the big race. Did the increased training work? How intense was the FOMO? Plus, a tip from Jessica that should leave everyone smiling.

Part II, in which we discuss the big season-ending, 40-year-celebrating, Jurassic-Park-viewing, frog-eating GomerWeekend, is coming soon! Happy Listening, and Happy Running!