New to the Two Gomers? Start Here!

If you’re just finding us because of the recent shout-out on Stuff You Should Know, this is a great place to start: our most recent “Race in Review” from this past January. Another great starter episode – one a bit more typical of the podcast – is Season 7 Episode 4, “Hometown USA.” Then, feel free to listen from the beginning, our whole crazy journey is there for the listening! Welcome to the Gomernation!


After only 8 years, Steven finally accomplished the goal of a Sub-5 hour marathon, and Anthony was there to see it. Join them as they talk through the race from before the start (“What’s your go-to channel at a hotel?”) to after the finish (“It’s the chocolate milk that’s really making me feel like puking right now.”) and everything in between (“I thought I was going down, and if I did, I wasn’t going to be getting back up”).

Also, get ready for the most tangents per episode maybe ever, culminating in a conversation that bounces between Carrie Fischer’s screenwriting chops, Kevin Kline’s ownership of a running business, and Rob Lowe’s sweaty saxophone skills (and sometimes all those things at once). It’s an instant classic you won’t want to miss!

Happy Listening, and Happy Running!

2018 “Spring” Special 2: Two Gomers Get Nostalgic…plus an extended conversation!

This was supposed to be a placeholder for our second special, but it turned into a half hour of fun chat! We do talk a bit about our second of two “Spring” Specials: Two Gomers Get Nostalgic…but we thought you’d enjoy the full conversation regardless.

In this special discuss our obsession with the past and talking about what was, and whether that keeps us stuck or could be used as fuel for the future.

Plus a TON of fun stuff along the way. It’s a really great one with a unique twist – it’s all recorded while we were together and outside, in the shadows of the Capital building in Madison! We can’t wait for you to hear it.

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Thanks for helping us keep the lights on, and Happy Running!

Season 8: Off-Season Episode 2: Two Gomers Saw Solo

It’s been a while, but the Gomers are back for a special Off-Season Episode to talk about the release of the latest Star Wars Story: SOLO!

Oh, and wonder of wonders, they also spend about half of the episode talking about running!

Hey, it’s better than dying.

Happy Listening, and Happy Running!