What is a Gomer?

There are lots of different definitions of the word “Gomer” out there, ranging from “idiot” to “naive.” When we use it, we tend to fall on the side of naive, describing ourselves as two guys who don’t quite know what they’re doing, but who do it anyway. We’re not stupid (especially when it comes to Star Trek, Apple, music, and time-travel movies), but when it comes to running, we’re definitely gomers!

Here’s another good definition, from the online urban slang dictionary:

A person who does something correctly but in an odd way. Such as swimming, but looking like you’re drowning. Or writing but using all your fingers to grip the pencil. (example: That guy runs like a gomer.)

That example sentence was really in there.

We’ve discovered that one of the best ways to describe a gomer is to use examples in the media. Here’s a couple:

Larry David
Larry David
Ross from Friends
Ray on Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray on Everybody Loves Raymond

Any other ideas?

11 thoughts on “What is a Gomer?”

  1. I agree – House of God. GOMER stands for “Get out of my emergency room”. Basically referring to people who are old and demented

  2. Actually, the term gomer originated in veterinary medicine, guys. Meaning a bull whose penis has been removed or split. As a slang descriptive word, you’re calling someone useless and impotent. Maybe not how two young runners would like to describe themselves…

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