Season 4 : Episode 6 – Deciduous Christmas Trees

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Deck the halls, ring the bells, and call your mom – the Two Gomers’ Christmas episodes have finally begun! And besides a little confusion concerning what kind of tree is evergreen, the guys seem to be in their element – join them for Christmas light-color pros and cons, Turkey Trot Reviews, the return of Gomers’ Favorite Things, and, of course, in depth discussion of their favorite movie ever.

Or maybe the other one is their favorite movie ever. Can’t remember.

Happy listening, Happy running, and Happy Christmastime!

3 thoughts on “Season 4 : Episode 6 – Deciduous Christmas Trees”

  1. Guys

    Beware the keyless garage entry, have been out running while no one was home, power goes out, summer in Missouri. Baked. I now have a key hidden in the yard – childrens play ground.

    Keep it going its great

  2. I’m listening to this episode for a second time and I have to say — I love love love the keyless garage door thing! It rocks! I use it all the time for both runs and bike rides.

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