Season 8: Episode 4 – Gomers’ Favorite Thiiiiiiiings

Here it is, our final of three Christmas episodes, and it’s a doozy!

We talk long runs, snow runs, code-browns and foam rollers. We do a live-to-tape Gomer Gift Exchange with our families in the room that may or may not be comprehendible. We read thoughts from the GomerNation about The Last Jedi and our own podcast. And a ton of fun stuff along the way!

But the crux of this episode is Gomers’ Favorite Things, where go a bit deeper than we usually do, or maybe ever have! We thought a Christmas episode was the time to release something like this, so here you go!

Happy Holidays and Happy Running!

Season 8: Bonus Episode – Two Gomers Talk (and talk) About The Last Jedi

We just couldn’t wait – it’s the morning after seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we just had to talk about it. Hope you enjoy this super-sized bonus episode!

Luke sez: Spoiler Alert! Like, the Gomers talk about everything you wouldn’t want spoiled. So if you’ve seen the movie, enjoy! If not, you should probably wait. Happy Listening!

Season 8: Episode 3 – Dashing Through the (Atlanta) Snow

The tables have turned as Anthony gets in a snow run before Steven this year! Join us in this, the second of three Christmas Specials of 2017, as the guys talk about new Christmas Classics, running distances no man or woman should ever run and how that feels like being pregnant, life-altering podcasts, top Movies and TV from the past year, the value of touching your waist, and the GomerNation’s Holiday Wishlists!

Oh yeah, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi predictions. Force ghosts anyone?

Happy Holidays, Happy Last Jedi-ing, and Happy Running!