Season 7: Bonus Episode 2 – Two Gomers Review Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Merry Christmas, here’s our bonus gift to you: 90 minutes of Star Wars chat!

The guys have seen the movie, and this bonus ep is just what you’d expect: half an hour of preamble before they even get to the big event.  But once they do, you’ll hear what they thought, get caught up in their excitement, and get spoiled on nearly every plot point.

Spoiler Alert! We both want a BB8.

Plus, the guys FINALLY open their Gomer Gifts, and you’ll be there to hear it!  Have a wonderful close to your 2015, and see you next year!

Season 7: Episode 6 – Christmas Chafing

It’s the Gomers’ second Christmas Special of 2015, and it’s a fun one!

While the guys do talk running (it’s a running podcast, after all), most of that discussion revolves around lubrication, or lack there-of.  Steven and Anthony are more excited about other things – namely, the countdown to Christmas and The Force Awakens.  Also, their Favorite Things list expand.  Books!  Movies!  Music!  Baby stuff!  Dogs!  Butt-pads!  It’s all here, folks.

OMG She’s trying SO HARD to remember her lines.

Check your feed for a special Christmas Eve episode!  Happy Running, and Happy Holidays!

Oh, and here’s Steven’s present to you: His 2015 Songs To Run To!

Season 7: Episode 5 – Bassoon it will be Christmas

Gather the family round the Yule Log and enjoy our annual tradition: The Two Gomers Christmas Specials!

In this, our first of two specials, we talk Turkey Trots, recording while geared up for a run, honing rods, eating whatever we want (and how that’s changed this year), doctor updates, what the GomerNation is thankful for, and Home Alone LIVE!

Plus, a special visit from everybody’s favorite Elf With Attitude!  Happy listening, Happy Holidays, and Happy Running!