Season 6: Episode 12 – The Used/Vintage/Retro Bike

After a short, AMC-like mid-season break, the boys are back to finish their training for their triathlon!

Big news:  Steven bought a bike.  But not before revealing the picture of himself on his Stawpid Hipster Bike to Anthony and the world.  The guys go backwards when they kick.  Anthony has discovered his own swimming guru.  Steven DOESN’T watch House of Cards while on long bike rides, even though he totally could.  Flagstaff is hilly, and it’s undecided whether that’s a good or bad thing.  Many members of the Gomernation are thanked.  And the guys can’t remember the name of the place the Saved By the Bell hangs out.


Monday Survey:  What kind of bike do you ride?  Have a great week, and Happy Running/Biking/Swimming!


Season 6: Special 2 – Two Gomers Get Their Feet Wet (plus BONUS special with donation!)

Our second special of the season, Two Gomers Get Their Feet Wet, is available now!

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In our efforts to raise the money needed to fund the podcast and get us to the triathlon, we are offering our second special of the year, “Two Gomers Get Their Feet Wet,” as pay-optional.  Head to our store and purchase the special there, or if you’d like it for free, just email us at and let us know you’d like it, no charge.

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The guys discuss their Top Three Lessons Learned from swimming so far.  Anthony’s mom saved his life when he was a little kid.  Steven wishes he could ski.  We are land mammals.  Playing bassoon, public speaking, and swimming don’t just happen.  A Titanic-themed triathlon seems like it might be fun.  Leg floaty thingies.  Different Strokes.  Advice from the Hitchhiker’s Guide.

And if you donate:  Our top kids movies ever.  First movie experiences.  Lego Movie review. Which movies do we take our kids to, and what weird sites to we rely on to help us make this important decision?  And of course, a ton of fun stuff along the way!

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Season 6: Episode 11 – Gym Bags and The Middle School Cafeteria Caste System

In this, the 11th episode, the Gomers finally start feeling like they’re hitting their stride in the pool!

Steven’s building some muscle memory.  Anthony is working on his bilateral breathing.  Nose plugs rule.  Ziplock bags do too.  There was a caste system in the Gomers’ Middle School cafeteria.  Anthony was going to be an Eagle Scout but his troop folded.  The Biggest Losers raced a triathlon.  And money clips are better than thick wallets.

Careful George, you could throw your back out.

Monday Survey:  What’s your favorite Winter Olympics event?  And watch for our second special of the season, “Two Gomers Get Their Feet Wet,”  next week!  Happy Running!