Season 3 : Minisode 8 – Last Suppers

The Listener Feedback has POURED in these past couple weeks, and the Gomers are lovin it.  Join them as they discuss running, with a tangent here and there:  sports bras and running skirts, bamboo socks and sticks covered with lube, Eagle Scout near-misses and zombie-killing dogs.

Man’s best zombie-killing friend.

Our excuse is that since this is a Listerner-Feedback-centric show, it’s you, the Gomernation, who sent us on these tangents.  Doesn’t that make you feel good about yourselves?  Happy Running!

Season 3 : Episode 8 – The Haunted Treadmill

The Gomers’ training is really kicking into high gear, and they are here to talk about the ups and downs (pun intended) of speedwork:  How hard do I swing my arms?  Did that lady just see me dry-heave?  Am I allowed to faint?  And, most importantly, is this treadmill possessed?

Plus the guys debut a new weekly section that’s very forward thinking.

Great Scott!  Another excuse to geek out about 80s movies!
Great Scott! Another excuse to geek out about 80s movies!

And all your favorite sections, too:  Week in Review, Gomer Gear/Eat and Run/Gomers’ Tips, two new Songs to Run To, and an all-new Monday Survey.

Happy Running!

Season 3 : Minisode 7 – Feedback of the Week

The Minisodes here in the second half of Season Three have a new focus:  The Gomernation!  Monday Survey Results and Listener Feedback are the name of the game, and the Gomers have a new way of discussing the Nation’s thoughts and questions:  Feedback of the Week.

Each Minisode they’ll choose an email, Facebook post, and comment that stood out to them and discuss.  This week, they tackle mistaken identities, extreme races, Chick Fil-A comedy routines, and the identity of the Gomer on a certain game-changing 90s TV show.

Name that Gomer!

See you next week, and Happy Running!