Season 3 : Minisode 6 – The Training Schedule

This is as close as the Gomers get to disobeying their wives – a quick Minisode updating the Nation on their new Marathon training schedule even though they’re supposed to be observing radio silence.  Oh well, while they’re at it, why not a little Oscar chat?  Oh hold on, what did they think of the Superbowl (ads)?  And does Conan’s sister really look all that much like Conan?  As long as they’re recording, they might as well discuss that too.

From left to right: Conan(?) Conan’s sister(?)

Make sure you check out the THREE new training schedules just to the right of the page, and feel free to choose one based on your level of fitness and train with the Gomers.  See you in March, and Happy Running!