Season 2 : Episode 37 – We dare you

Season 2 of the Two Gomers is in the books, and everything feels kind of back-to-the-basics.  Join Steven and Anthony one last time as they review their weeks, offer up some running tips, discuss songs they like to run to, and read questions from fans.  Oh, and they also go off on, like, a hundred different tangents.

Jeez, thats some serious cleavage.
Jeez, that’s some serious cleavage.

Make sure you stick around till the end for details on our 1st Annual “How’s It Goin'” 5k Gomer Group Run, and a challenge that will hopefully carry you through until Season 3.

Thanks, everyone, for an awesome season.  Stay in touch, and Happy Running!

Season 2 : Episode 36 – Journey in Review

Well, it was supposed to be the final episode, but in true Gomer form, things didn’t go as planned.  The guys needed to add ONE MORE episode, coming on Thursday, since they spend more time than they thought they would on what the journey to the marathon has meant to them, how it’s changed them, and what’s next.  Everest, anyone?

Is that...the GOMERS?  No.  No its not.
Is that…the GOMERS? No. No it’s not.

We’ve built these last two episodes around questions from the Gomernation, so enjoy!  And, as always, let us know what you think.  Happy Running!

Season 2 : Episode 35 – Race in Review

At long last, the Gomers end their radio silence and debrief the marathon in this Super-Sized Part I (of, as it turns out, III!) of the TGRAM season finale.  Spaghetti dinners!  Gomer gift exhanges!  Adrenaline rushes!  Embarrassingly loud nipple-chafing conversations!  Wall hittings!  Underwear-filled Port-O-Johns!  Triumphant finishes!  Exclamation points.  It’s all here folks!

Quad P in action.
Quad P in action.

Plus a final Gomer’s Tips, Listener Feedback, the beloved Theme Song, and the winners of the ten Fast Draw Bottles from Ultimate Direction are announced.

Join us next week for Part II (Tuesday) and Part III (Thursday) when we talk more broadly about the race, our journey and (gasp!) what’s next for the Gomers.  Happy Running!