Season 2 : Episode 29 – That Hurt More

Both Gomers pulled out their LSRs this week (that stands for Long Slow Runs, emphasis on the SLOW), Gomer2 just barely.  However, a new tactic has arisen that helped him get through the bonk – and no, it’s not imagining that he’s being chased by giant worms.

Run, Kevin Bacon, RUN!
Run, Kevin Bacon, RUN!

Plus: Middle School dance awkwardnesses, birthday re-giftings, coffee jitters, and (Blue) Blu-Ray releases. Huzzah!

And all your regular favorite sections:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, Running in the Media, two new Songs to Run To, and the final two Top Ten Tips from a Ten Timer.  Happy Running!

This Week’s Survey:

What is your most PAINFUL running moment? Whether in training or in a race, we want to know!

Season 2 : Episode 28 – iPlod

Need a week off from running, whether you want it or not?  Amidst all the iPad chat, Gomer1 has the tip just for you this week on the podcast!  Hint – it has to do with summer footwear.

Ok, ok, its not that bad, but still...
Ok, ok, it’s not that bad, but still…

Gomer2 is still on his road to recovery, and he has a big, albeit slow, week to report.  Also, an Anti-Gomer update, the In N Out civil war, memories of a substance called Aquaphor, and the band that may have invented reverb.

Plus, all the regular stuffs:  Week in Review, Gomer’s Tips, Listener Feedback, two new Songs to Run To, and two new Tips from a Ten Timer in the Runner’s Corner.  Keep plodding, and Happy Running!

This week’s Monday Survey:  Do you prefer to run by yourself, or in a group or two or more?  We lonely Gomers are wondering.

Season 2 : Episode 27 – Food Run

Food is all over this week’s episode, as the Gomers make each other hungry by discussing the fast food they can’t eat, the diets they’re off and on, the sandwiches they can fit in their pockets, the food revolutions they wish they could be a part of, the culinary podcasts they wish they’d thought of, and the food show hosts that are now game show hosts.

This is intense!
This is intense!

Oh, and bacon.

Plus all your favorite sections:  Week in Review, Listener Feedback, an Eat and Run/Running in the Media Mashup, two new Tips from a Ten-Timer in the Runner’s Corner, and two new Songs to Run To.  Happy Running!

This Week’s Survey:  Do you eat WHILE you run? If so, what? And how? A curious Gomernation wants to know!